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Angels Amoung US - We Reap What We Sow!

John Eldredge writes in his book Waking the Dead, "God what do you have for my heart today?" He continues by saying, "you may be stunned by what he guides you into.

I began the day at six in the morning asking God, "What do you have for my heart today Lord." I had a few minutes to spare this morning (very unusual) so I had a cup of coffee at Starbucks. During that time a brainstorm came to me and I wrote feverously for thirty minutes, jumped in the car and decided to take a tour of the new Wal-Mart food store in Louisville, as I headed back to work.

When I arrived at the store it was not raining, as I began to leave it was pouring. I didn't buy anything so I went out the entrance.

At the same time I realized it was raining, an elderly woman coming into the store asked me to help with fix her umbrella, it was stuck open. I'm thinking, not now lady my top's down in my car and there are fish swimming in it, but calmly with a smile I help her.

Then she wanted me to fold it for her. I thought to myself that you've got to be kidding me. She proceeded to thank me (as I swiftly moved away) and she said, "by the way there is a convertible in the parking lot with the top down. As I ran out I yelled, "that's mine thank you."

Now, how many seventy-year old woman notice or even care about a comfortable sports car in the midst of fifty cars in a lot? I get in, sit in a puddle of water, close the top and start to drive off. As I do so, I look over and see a plastic hair protector (I don't know what the real name of them are. Elderly people wear them to cover there hair up from rain) covering my books and what I wrote at the coffee shop.

It was then I realized what God had just allowed to happen. The same women I just helped had taken off her headwear and put it over my books protecting them from the rain. "What do you want from my heart today Lord, was just answered."

I didn't know this lady, nor did she know me or my car. That wasn't the message. The message was we reap what we sow. Whatever you want for your heart, you must sow. Isn't that just like God to answer our prayers by teaching us something?

Whatever your heart needs or desires give it away. Give it away until your heart becomes a reservoir of life. Is your heart a canal or is it a reservoir? Is it overflowing or just passing by? Try giving something precious of yours away this week. Maybe it's time, maybe it's money, maybe it's processions. "What do you want for my heart Lord?" It may be then we realize there are Angels among us all the time.

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