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God - A Thousand Words Wasted

Who is God? This question would sound awkward to 80% of us. Moreover, this question would infuriate all of this 80%. I though, do not have any intentions to hurt or disrespect their sentiments. As for the residual 20%, some people do not believe in God and the rest would like to believe in God but do not find any reason why to do so. Let's talk.

Who created this Earth? If we do not try to explain it scientifically, the most obvious answer would be God. Now, since we all are part of this world, it must be accepted that we also were created by God. Now then, who created God? When we were born, we saw our parents worshipping some deities, which they regarded as God. And this system must have gone on for generations that preceded until the generation that saw these Gods as living figures. Now, where from did these living figures occur? Again, without trying to explain it scientifically, they must have been created by some individuals whom they considered as Gods, which will give rise to another identical debate. And if some further Gods did not create them, then we created them because they cannot create themselves on their own.

While gathering substance for this topic, I had talked to three different individuals who belonged to the three different categories mentioned above, viz., those who firmly believe in God, those who don't believe in God, and those would like to believe in God, but can't find any compact reason why to do so.

In this attempt, I chose to talk only to trespassers. I did not choose from people I knew from before for this project so that I could not read their emotions and mould their opinions in my favour. In this attempt, I faced three different people and placed the same questions in front of them, which were,
1> Do you believe in God?
2> Who created God?
3> Why do you believe or disbelieve in God?

In the process I first met Irena, an octogenarian lady who has been dwelling in Kolkata for quiet some time now. When faced with the first question, her answer was immediate and direct- "Yes. Of course." To the next question, she reacted- "Who the hell are you to question the identity of God. What do you know about the greatness of God? What do you know about anything?" and after keeping my nerves to more of such sweet words at the bus stop for about five more minutes, I came out with my third question. "God is almighty. You dare not disbelieve his existence. He shall punish you for your sin. Whenever people have disregarded his rules, he has punished them earthquake, plagues, diseases, droughts, and famines. And say for example, while drowning into sea deep water, won't you utter "Jesus" even for once? That was Irena for you, satisfying my first category. And during this conversation, I had found the person to fit my second category.

Mr. Sachilal Guha. He too had a clear cut answer to my first question- "No." To the second question, "this had been an unanswerable question even to me at your age. But now, I think it is an illusion of the common man." And by his case in explaining why he did not believe in God, I could understand that he had given a sanguine thought into this subject from much before." I don't believe in God for various reasons. Firstly, I haven't seen him. Secondly, there are different stories about the same God, which contradict each other. Thirdly, I haven't seen any supernormal things happening in front of my eyes, which does not include any trick of science. I firmly believe that God is believed by only the weak and coward people who find it extremely difficult to believe in themselves." His words sounded Promethean but had enough substance in it.

To fulfill my third category, I had Atul. He was so reluctant to open his shoes while boarding the stairs of a Mandir that he offered his prayers to God from down below. At the first question, his eyes seemed to bubble with doubts, but he somehow answered back- "Yes." The second question took him all by surprise. After letting him give it a thought, his answer disappointed me. "That is not a matter of concern for me." Having no proper answer to my third question he said, "Because my parents believe in God." That was Atul Thande for you.

And now for myself, solemnly I belong to the third category. For the first question, my answer is "No." For the second question I feel that we created God. For the third I have no proper answer but I liked what Mr. Sachilal Guha had to say. Even then, whenever a difficult situation occurs, I don't mind praying to God for help. God has been a matter of serious thought and discussion for me since I was a six-year-old kid. And today even after eleven years of thought and discussion, I haven't been able to draw any conclusion. Have you?

I am turning 18 on 1st Aug,2005. I also write by the pseudonym- Daffy47. It is obvious that that I have a passion for writing. I defy the orthodox way of life. I live my life to the lees. After all, no one knows what awaits. E-mail--daffy47@rediffmail.com


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