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Spirit to Spirit: A Letter to My Friend

Good morning beloved,

I always feel a need to let people know when they have especially touched my soul. Thus, I send this memo to you this morning.

I deeply appreciate our mutually engaging discussion yesterday. It is always a particular blessing to hear from those I love but even more so when the beloved has chosen to partner with me in life's struggles. For me, there is no greater expression of agape affection. I am above all women, most blessed to have you in my life.

Most spiritually developed people, somewhere along life's journey, made the alarming discovery that it is only in the world of spirits where truth is found and life is genuine. When spirits meet and commune, life in the fake world is different and tolerable. We understand that we are in it, but not of it. We cannot and will not adjust to it because it is fake and it incarcerates the soul. It distorts the real and meaningful and promotes evil in disguises of good. The fake world delights in its followers because it knows what their ultimate end will be.

We are not popular in the fake world because it knows that we know it is fake. It cannot touch us because we are not inclined to be impressed with its allures. We are not moved by its temptations and are not easily persuaded. Thus, we are enemies of the fake world. While we are in it, it seeks to trick us, by any means necessary, to succumb to its power and bow down in humble worship of all that is fake. Unfortunately, there are those who have weakened under the pressure and surrendered.

I suppose I am sharing this with you because it is my thoughts this morning. Beware of the fake. Run from it. Find refuge in the spirit; the place where God is and where angels live and where all those who have found their way, escape from the fake world. Stay focused on the genuine, the real, and the eternal. Keep Jesus in your heart, soul and mind. Never, ever, forget, that life is like the grass that grows up in the morning and before night falls, it withers away. We do not have long to be here. Stay focused beloved. Treat your family and friends with patience and tender loving care. There is a separation day coming.

Yours in the bond of Christian Love,

Rev. Saundra L. Washington, D.D., is an ordained clergywoman, veteran social worker, and Founder of AMEN Ministries. She is also the author of two coffee table books: Room Beneath the Snow: Poems that Preach and Negative Disturbances: Homilies that Teach which can be reviewed on her site. Her new book, Out of Deep Waters: My Grief Management Workbook, is expected to be available in late July.

You are welcome to visit AMEN Ministries: Your Soul's Service Station for spiritual refreshing, soul edification or to browse our newly expanded mini shopping mall.

Blessings to all!


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