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You Have a Friend in Jesus

Have you heard the saying that; You have a friend in Jesus? Great quote, it sounds really nice, but it should read you have an invisible friend in Jesus. After all you are having a personal relationship with a dead man, one who has been dead an awfully long time indeed. So, if you have a friend who is invisible and you are how old now; why haven't you looked into some psychiatric help for this problem of yours? Now before you call me the anti-Christ, who is your evil invisible enemy; think about this for a second. If a child has an invisible friend we seek counseling for them. If someone still has an invisible friend later in life we put him or her usually in insane asylums.

Yet if someone belongs to an Organized Religion, which is big enough to defend itself from being called a cult and everyone in the group is brainwashed into believing in the same invisible friend then indeed, we say this is righteous? Oh, God, please keep these nut cases away from me. Some say that Organized Religions have a place as they keep people honest? This is an interesting thought, albeit utter nonsense; if you need a religion to help you do the right thing, that is a scary notion. If you need to follow an organized religion that molests and rapes our children and you find this okay with you, then you my friend are problematic. So if you have an invisible friend in Jesus and you are having a personal relationship with a 2000-year old dead man, I would appreciate it if you not bother to waste your time to recruit me into your Organized Religion.

I met Jesus once, he was working in the McDonalds drive thru and he put extra Catsup on my Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese when I asked him to hold the Catsup. Apparently there was a language barrier there. A little hard to have a personal relationship with someone who is not listening to your orders isn't it? How do you convince yourself that you are having a relationship with a 2000-year old dead person? This is quite a fascinating mass psychological study indeed. Have you ever considered that you and all your friends are just completely crazy and have a mental health issue? Think on this if you are still able and pray on it if your mind is completely shut off from reality.

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