Spirituality Information

Prayer - The Ultimate power

There is an prayer process in every religion and everyone has it own unique importance.

I like to explain an real, sensible & fact-full meaning of a prayer, as follows.

Prayer is an realization of our real 'SELF' and our own genuine desires and desires are the starting point of all achievements.

Science is the celebration of human beings, the way we use this science for mind & body development & exploration is an art. So.. the prayer also has an scientific base, perhaps prayer itself is an ultimate science which can't be completely expressed, explained or described but can be experience, realized and sensitized. Prayer is an science; so the practicing prayer is an art itself.

Prayer is an act of concentration & process of persisting that concentration, YES, it is true, Lets see how?

When we pray our 6 senses gets get-together, then, the prayer controls and balances our senses, after that, it maintains the flow of harmonized thoughts, overall it makes our mind balanced & sound.

When the mind is sound, so the body, so the thoughts & so the behavior. When there is everything is sound we feel good, when we feel good we produce better results and better results brings us the best returns in any form.

Prayer is an positive natural energy that has dual effect i.e. for self & for others. No matter whether you pray for self or for others, you will always have an positive results.

Payer is an energy that makes us more focused, active, energetic & confident coz it charges us form within.

No matter whether you believe in god or not, no matter whether you believe in religion or not, the prayer is so intense, cosmically charged and universally powered that makes you feel & realize the god & this god is not something else, it is your real "YOU" & it is your real "SELF" which shows & allows us to choose between good and bad, right & wrong, ethical & unethical, help and hinder, human and inhuman.

The prayers are most effective & fruitful when you say prayer & feel that vibrations of that prayer in mind & in a heart and realize the resonance in entire body and this will develop psychological & physiological harmony in mind & body. If you pray for self it will absorb energy in universe and if you pray for other it will release energy in the universe.

you will always find there is a prayer before Having meal, Study, starting work, etc. just to have best of returns in whatever you do.

* Prayer is a lifetime learning process, practice it.

* Prayer is an opportunity, opportunity to teach others how to pray.

* Prayer can be a gift, Pray for others.

* Prayer is a crop, cultivate it for being more successful.

If you teach your child the importance, necessity & effects of practicing prayer then he / she will keep on eliminating errors & to enhance success ratio and to become conquering genius in whatever he will do. Because prayer really have power & potency.

Name: Nilesh B Gore
Profession: Graphologist(Handwriting Analyst) & Psychological Counselor & SW. Eng.
Email: ng411002@rediffmail.com
Web: http://www.brendynamics.com/gr
Country: India, Bhusaval, Ms

Copyrights: Nilesh B Gore.

Professionally author is involved in Personality Assessment / Character analysis, Child development, personality Development, Marital -Educational & parental Counseling, Selection of Business Partner & Life Partner, helping bank officials to detect fraud signature, helping people managing their strengths & weaknesses.

You can reach him for any problem on email given above.

He is also working on 'Graphotherapy' i.e. managing emotional health via handwriting. He has also written several articles for several websites.


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