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Did you ever get a feeling or gain notion of a specific situation without any logical explanation? Well, that is your intuition. When you least expect it intuition reaches out and hits you with information that you have no idea were it came from. The problem with this type of feeling or knowledge is that we have no logical explanation for it and often do not follow what it's trying to tell us. However, many find that when their intuition is over looked, it later proves itself to be a fact and regret not following it. Well, I will tell you about what happened to me when I ignored my intuition.

When I gave birth to my second daughter I had just moved to another state. Therefore, I did not have a pediatrician for my daughters. But, my Doctor and a nurse both recommended one and I followed their advice.

When I took my newborn several days later for a check up there was something wrong. I had a bad feeling about this man and every time I met with him the negative "gut feeling" would come back. I even discussed it with my husband and he suggested we change the Doctor. I told him that there was no rational explanation in order for me to change him.

Within several more visits my "gut feeling" disappeared. After a while I learned to appreciate him and though he was a great doctor.

Until, the day that I was watching the five o'clock news; the news lady said a local doctor pleaded guilty to child molestation charges; and guess what? You know it, his picture was on the news and now I just stood alone frozen in my living room unable to pick my jaw back up. Once I recovered from the state of shock; I was thankful that my girls were never left alone with him. Not even for a second. But, I could not help but, think that my intuition was right and that I did not listen to it. I felt as if it crept back up on me and was now saying: I told you so!

Now, I understand that even if some feelings, thoughts etc, cannot be rationalize there may be a reason for it and even If I decide to do the opposite; I will be sure to pave the way with caution.

I suggest that you don't wait for a life turning event to listen to your intuition I was lucky it was not one of my daughters. But, I do regret placing them next to some one that my inner self did not approve of.

Intuition is there to help you,

Kenia Morales

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