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When We See Jesus As He Is

You know that the Bible tells us a lot about Jesus, who he was, who he is, what he did and what he said...

The Gospel of John even tells us in the last chapter (John 21:35) that all the books in the then known world couldn't contain all the things that Jesus said and did in his 3 year ministry.

One of the last known recorded conversations Jesus had was with 2 men who were walking down the road to Emmaus and Jesus joined them. He explained the Old Testament to them beginning with Moses and going briefly through the Prophets (Luke 24:13-35). He linked the teachings of the OT with himself, explaining that they all told of Jesus coming from heaven and doing the things he did. His very life on earth was foretold hundreds of years before he got here!!!

Towards the end of his life, Jesus told the disciples that the best thing for them was that he would leave them and he would send the Counsellor (NIV John 16:5-16). While this astounded them at the time and while they didn't really know what Jesus meant, we know that they found out later.

Jesus explained to the disciples that there was so much more that he wanted to teach them, to show them, to explain to them (indeed us today too), that he knew they couldn't cope at the time. He introduced more of God and his principles to us, more than had been revealed to the prophets of old, but there was more to come. He showed the power of the kingdom, he walked in love by the very Spirit of God himself and we saw amazing things happen.

Just before he went to the skies in what we know as the ''ascension'', he told the disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait there until they too recieved this power from on high. In Acts 1:4-11 we read this story and indeed they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and went and did the very things that Jesus told them they would!!!

When we see Jesus as he really is, for who he really is, we can today be filled with the very same Counsellor, the Holy Spirit himself, who will lead us into all truth, if we remain obedient to God and his ways, (John 16:12-14).

Jesus is the Fathers Son, he is there right now praying for you and me, (John 16:28; Hebrews 7:25)

When we see Jesus as he really is...

Colin Thomson, an Electrical Supervisor, works part time with his wife in a Home Based Business and enjoys writing articles on various topics. You can find out about their interests through Colins website at http://www.cthomson.plus.com or you can email him at cthomson2005@yahoo.co.uk


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