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Four Voices

The Bible tells us that we must be led by the Holy Spirit. Since there are always four voices we hear speaking to us at any given time, we must learn to distinguish each one so that we are able to do the right things.

1. The most obvious voice is our own and it speaks to us in a variety of ways. It is always telling us what we want, what we think, and what we feel. The Bible refers to our mind, will, and emotions as our "flesh nature."

2. Another voice that clamors for our attention is the voice of other people. They are usually telling us what they want, what they think, and what they feel.

3. The third voice is the voice of the devil. He is very subtle and speaks to us through worldly ideas and viewpoints that he has injected into other people.

4. The fourth voice is the voice of God and He speaks to us in our spirits. He does not speak to us in our minds. Unfortunately, that's where most people spend most of their thought life, in their heads. Again, the Bible refers to this as "the mind of the flesh" (Romans 8:7, AMP).

These are the four voices that we constantly hear and which voice we obey is based on our ability to discern. Obviously, we want to obey the voice of God if we are going to enjoy a successful life.

Most of us tend to live on the shallow surface where our physical senses, thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions are constantly being stimulated by worldly, carnal, fleshly ways. Because of this, we are not able to hear from God and be led by His Spirit, leaving ourselves wide open to fall for the many deceptions of the devil.

So, how do we hear from God and be led by His Spirit? Well, that's next week's article. For now, just realize there are always three very loud voices screaming for your attention and only one still, small voice, which is the Holy Spirit of God, wanting to lead you in the way you should go.

Copyright 2005 Daniel N Brown

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