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Near Death Experiences: Is there a Logical Explanation?

In an edition of Reader's Digest, I stumbled upon a compelling article, "After Life," by Anita Bartholomew. The article takes an intricate look into the controversial world of "after life" or "near death experiences." I found myself being hurled into the riveting article like a child in a candy store. In Ms. Bartholomew's revealing summary, van Lommel (a British researcher) made an interesting statement, "You can compare the brain to a TV set. The TV program is not in your TV set." Thus, where lies the consciousness?

Modern scientists cannot explain NDEs, or in my opinion-- do not want to accept it. What is a Near Death Experience? An NDE is an experience which may include feeling of being outside of one's physical body. The person may move through a form of darkness or tunnel. He or she may meet deceased loved ones and even other entities. However, most recall an indescribalbe light that seemingly beckons them. Some NDEs are beautiful and peaceful, while others can be terrifying or unpleasant. In any event, most cases of NDEs result in a life-altering transformation.

While some believe that NDEs dramatically prove life after death, others seem to think a near death experience is a hallucination which the brain manifests in itself when pushed to extreme limits. What has been discovered is that different cultures, do in fact, experience similar episodes of NDEs. The only differential in other regions of the globe is that where one may see light here, others may see tall buildings or even stars. This, of course, transcends multi-diverse belief systems and how things or events are viewed in relation to NDEs.

Ultimately, what one person sees, hears or experiences during an NDE is entirely up the individual's own belief system. Many persons may never have a near death experience because their own belief systems do not allow these thought patterns to channel their own mind; therefore, what you or I value or have learned to be recognitive of does not always apply in NDEs.

Do NDEs prove that life after death does in fact -- exist? Again, we encounter the problematic belief system. Religious groups remain divided as some believe NDEs support life after death. Other religious groups reject the notion of an NDE because it falls in line with "the devil's work." Scientists, of course are the universal skeptics. While most do not accept near death experience, some actually do. But how they perceive NDE may be quite different than what one would expect. Some scientists agree that an NDE may be an "outer body experience," but only caused by natural chemicals produced by the brain that merely concoct hallucinogenic properties.

However -- I will conclude this article with an interesting fact that presents evidence of a much broader proportion. An NDE is when the body ceases to function. In other words, there is absolutely NO life exhibited in the human anatomy. It is when the person is "clinically dead" that an NDE is mostly experienced. NDE'ers are comprised of all walks of life. All races. All ages. All nationalities. All religions. Atheists. The intelligent and not-so-intelligent. The wealthy and the impoverished. World leaders and even hardened criminals. Science has not and cannot explain the overwhelming reports and documented cases of NDEs. Due to the deluge of NDEs, it is becoming harder and harder to ignore that life after death may INDEED exist.

Whether we ever experience an NDE or when our time comes to pass into the "afterlife," I presume it will be then only that we finally discover the answer to this quandary. Until then, the paradox of near death experience and its life-altering effects on persons who have experienced it, will go unanswered.

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