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Spirituality: Living the Whole

The words 'new age' and 'spirituality' can have people running for the hills, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say running to their urban sanctuary of material distractions. They conjure up images of tie-dye, tofu, and a lack of deodorant. So I'd like to dispel a few myths.

You don't have to eat mung beans and wear ugly shoes to be spiritual. You can enjoy your physical comforts and wear Jimmy Choos, because, as Marianne Williamson says in Return to Love, "there is nothing pure or spiritual about poverty!" Intrinsically, money isn't good or bad - it is our judgement that makes it so. Being poor doesn't automatically make you spiritual, any more than being rich negates you from being so.

Crisis in meaning has been described as one of the fundamental issues of the 21st century. We now live in a time where we have rationalised ourselves away from nature and our fellow creatures, away from religions, traditions and communities. For the past three hundred years we have limited our focus to the merely human, the physical and material side of life, even though science has shown that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; it contains a richness and depth not possessed by the pieces.

In essence, many of us feel we have lost an understanding of what makes it all worthwhile. Having no clear rules or values, goalposts or sense of responsibility isn't working for us. There has to be something more. Have you ever asked yourself why you are here, or what it is that makes you you? For me, this is the essence of spirituality. Spirituality is your core sense of being, your soul. For some people it is linked to religion, but for me it is as simple as believing in an energy or power greater than us that gives meaning to our existence. It is greater than being human but not greater than humanity.

The goal of our life's work should be to heal ourselves by making ourselves whole. By doing so, we help to heal everyone around us. Think about it today. Spiritual practice is as simple as going about the business of your day with kindness. Practise having love and grace in your space. This could be the real meaning of 'new age'living.

Frances Hall

After many years working in film and music, Frances changed career direction completely to find what for her is a more fulfilling way to live. Now an accredited life coach, massage therapist and writer, she is doing what she'd rather be doing - helping people get the most out of their lives. Her intention is to "Liberate Inspire Focus Empower". Check out http://www.lifematters.gb.com


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