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Addiction and Confession

ADDICTION: - There are numerous obsessions and addictions which prevent the soul from healing or achieving its potential. Father Leo Booth and John Bradshaw have written a book on religion as an addiction that I have quoted in many other books so I will present another side to the issue here.

"A Priest's Confession

Over the years I've had a number of different opportunities to visit the Province of Quebec in eastern Canada. In fact, at one time I was betrothed to a woman named Louise from Sherbrooke, but the marriage never took place because of our sharp differences regarding birth control (she was for it, and I was very much opposed to it). {No doubt more control and macho issues were involved. If the Churchians actually believed in the soul they would want to make sure every soul had a good basis for this life development. They would know the soul is immortal and the flesh is just matter. If they thought we all are part of God rather than the Pope being the Lord's sole representative they would know the collective or Divine Providence requires all soul's to help. Please refer to Jesus in John 10:34.}

During one particular trip to Montreal, I visited in the company of a Quebecois friend of mine at the Catholic parochial school. Our Lady of Pompeii Elementary on the city's north side. I can still recall the numerous crucifixes on the wall of every classroom {Fear mongering abounds and few if any priests know about mandalas and the antiquity of the cross.} and the statues of the patron saint in the corridors. When the principal entered a classroom with my friend and me, every student would stand and bid us good morning in unison (in French, of course). {How about that? Talk about robots?! The Family Compact would be proud.} Twice a week, we were informed, homeroom teachers, all of them good Catholics, set aside multiplication tables and the study of vertebrates and turned their attention to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Father Jean-Pierre Morin, the priest who then presided over this private parochial school, was an amiable host and quite friendly. We took lunch with him in the school cafeteria and visited in his private office for several hours afterwards. Ever on the prowl for useful and effective remedies, I asked him at some point in our lengthy conversations if he knew anything on this subject.

The good father folded his hands out of habit (probably from the frequent praying) {Could be spelt 'preying'.} and soberly mused on the subject for a minute or two before responding. 'Yes,' he finally said with a sift smile, 'I have one for you that is very personal and that I know, for a fact, works!' He then proceeded to share with us the following story.

'When I was a young man I became addicted to some very bad substances, which I found myself unable of shaking.' He wouldn't even say what they were. 'When I would try to quit them for a few days or even a week, it just seemed as if my body gave in to these wicked appetites and I went right back to using them again.

'About this time I determined to enter the priesthood, {Thus it was not an alcohol addiction and one might suggest a form of hallucinogen.} take my vows with the church, and live the rest of my life serving God. I went down to the Immaculate Conception Church in the heart of this city and there knelt before the statues of the Virgin Mary and Christ and pleaded for their assistance. It seemed as if the Virgin Mother spoke to my mind, for I heard a female voice say ever so quietly in my head, 'Go use catnip and you will be cured of this affliction.'

'To be honest with you. I didn't even know at the time what this was. But upon making some inquiries, I soon learned it was an herb. But I was faced with another dilemma. Even though I knew which herb was right for my problem, I didn't know how to use it. Was I to eat it raw? Was I to make a tea out of it? Was I to soak it in alcohol and use it as a tincture that way? Or were gelatin capsules of the dried powder the way to go?

I tried each and every possibility and soon discovered that the hot tea was the best course to follow. In about a quart of boiling water I would put one good-sized handful of the cut fresh catnip {Contains acetic acid, biotin, buteric acid, choline, citral, folic acid and vitamin A as well as many B vitamins including B6 and 12 which are useful in dealing with lycanthropy and other obsessive hallucinatory events.} herb and let it simmer for a few minutes before setting it aside to steep a while. I would then pour myself a couple of cups of this brew while it was still quite warm and sip it down whenever the craving came over me for more of these addictive substances.

'I was amazed, quite frankly, at just how well this tea worked. My withdrawal symptoms were nowhere near what they used to be before. I sincerely believe that the good Virgin Mother used this common herb to help me overcome my addiction. I then entered the priesthood where I've served with honor and distinction ever since.' He concluded.

I looked up at him from my note-taking and asked with a smile, 'I believe this is the first time I've ever heard a priest confess to a commoner and non-Catholic.' All three of us enjoyed a hearty laugh following this remark." (1)

For people who do not know the extent of control exerted by the Catholic Church in Canada and especially Quebec I highly recommend looking into the Pauline Principle as detailed in the Catholic Encyclopedia before checking out arranged marriages and all the man ways they get money from companies and force people to act according to their materialistic designs. My father was with the Judge-Advocate General Corps after the cessation of hostilities in Europe and stayed for the Nuremberg Trial of Kurt Mayer. He told of many stories where men sending all their pay back to the wife in Quebec or other Eastern Provinces had found the church had taken the children away from the mother and were using these funds (Often augmented by Black Market efforts headed by the later Governor-General and including my father.). The church would say the woman was 'running around' and in one case the man went AWOL and was up on charges because he tried to free his children and his wife who he had an understanding with about the so-called 'running around'. Of course now we know, and the courts have shown - the church was mightily involved in many other serious and immoral acts.

Author and activist against the denial of soul that goes hand in glove with the promotion of corruption.


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