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Ultimate Truth:The Beginning

You decide! We are often asked to make decisions. Decision is described as, the passing of judgment on an issue under consideration, the act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind, a conclusion or judgment reached or pronounced, hence a verdict.

One can say that decision is making a conclusion of what action to take after taking into consideration the choices at hand and the consequences of taking each action, such as whether one cup of coffee with 2 tea spoons of sugar or a can of coke for lunch today. We are born, most of us are. From the day we were born until the day we are married, have children and finally pass on, we pick up bits and pieces of information from our surroundings be it in our conscious or subconscious level to make up our cognitive and habits.

I like drinking coffee, sometimes with one sugar, sometimes two. I was born and raised in a well-educated and informative family and surroundings. I know that taking in too much sugar without actually using the energy it provides for my body will probably cause me diabetes in the long run. Less the fact that caffeine may induce cravings and all, I'll only talk about my decision on sugar intake. Most of us know for certain that in a can of carbonated drink contains 155 calories. Calories needed by individuals per day are relative to age, gender and your lifestyle.

Now let say if I were to avoid diabetes with my calorie needed per day is 2300, drinking a can of carbonated drink everyday wouldn't cause me diabetes. I know this information after reading articles on health issues. I read those articles because I have access to this information and the need to know. I have access and the need to know because I was born into a family and surroundings that molded me to learn and provide me the source to acquire this information.

If the causes I stated are true, then my being aware of diabetes and the cause is because I was placed in such a surrounding. If I were to be born in a family that do not care about health and knowledge, I wouldn't even have known the existence of diabetes, which further may cause me take more calories that I actually need and would increase the probability of me being a diabetic. Health is important to most of us. Without good health, what's the point of having financial freedom? I decided to watch my calorie intake to prevent diabetes.

I'm sure you are asking yourself, what am I doing talking about calorie intake and you might wonder if this article should be in this category. Now, lets get to the point, the idea that our decisions might be influenced by something else rather than our own "consciousness" is mind boggling and at some point unacceptable, but to embrace something we are not sure of is worse, especially in the matter of religion. Men have gone to war, inflict grave distress to our surroundings in the name of religion. War is an event where two or more entities engage in being superior to the others. One could say that men go to war to make their stand in what they believe to be right.

If it is in the name of religion that they are at war than there must a false religion. What is a false religion? Did you choose to be in your religion now, or do you think GOD the creator of all things seen and unseen put you in the family with what you believe now? If you think or believe other religions that contradict your belief are false don't you think they are thinking exactly as what you're thinking about their set of beliefs? They are obviously wrong to you right? They believe in the wrong religion and you hope GOD will shed light to them and save them or you strongly feel that they should reevaluate their beliefs.

You are probably right, and you might very well be wrong! Why do I say this? They (the people that don't share your understanding of what religion is) believe what they hold dear is the truth but still you say they're wrong. You too can be in their situation, for them you're the one who should be saved. Now some may say that all religions are good, but why are there still war in the name of religion and why the thought of changing causes a stir in our emotion?

A friend of mine once said, if you wake up and find yourself in a room, you don't know where the room is until you open the door, step out of the room to look around and then you'll know where the room is. What you do If you find yourself in the room is ultimately your choice, it is up to you where to go next, you decide!

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