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Why There Are Four Gospels

The first gospel written by Matthew,who is Levi, is the first archtype of Christ in you as the fulness of the Godhead.

The second gospel by Mark is the second archtype of Christ. The third gospel by Luke is the third, and John's gospel the forth.

these four archtypes are the symbols of the lion, the calf, the man, and the flying eagle. These four faces are phazes of the one Christ in every man that manifest as components of your individualization of the God flame when you elect to enter into the kingdom of heaven as the higher consciousness of God in you.

This article on "Why There Four Gospels" is an introduction to my correspondance of scripture to consciousness in my soon to be published book,The Incarnation of God in Man.

By his words and life Jesus demonstrates what happens to the soul who elects to be as God is: I AM. You become first one with the law of God in the etheric vehicle of consciousness as this mystery of Christ in you as the Father. Then, in the second gospel, as a correspondance in your mental vehicle, you become this mystery of the Christ, the Son. The correspondance of the third gospel is to this third mystery of Christ in you, in your feelings, as having the love of God... Christ as Mother. And the last correspondace is to your physical body, of your actions being the works of Christ through you...this mystery of the Holy Spirit. Here is an outline of this correspondance of scripture to consciousness.

Gospel mystery consciousness divine nature of Christ Matthew Father etheric law Mark Son mental mind Luke Mother emotional heart John Holy Spirit physical works

This correspondance of scripture to the Christ consciousness does not happen automatically... If you believe in Jesus you must become Jesus, by doing what he did with his consciousness... heart center?

My name is Stephen Earl Mitchell. I have been a student of the scriptures for several years. The Bible is holy for if you obey it, you will become whole in God... on the path of initiation. I have taken that path as an inner walk with the God within. And I point the way for you to receive a revelation. For me scripture is inspiring for its literal stories are allegorical to consciousness, of the alchemy of the human to the divine. Therefore, I have learned to seek what are the spiritual meanings behind the written word... And this is the Logos or incarnate Word one day all shall work out their salvation in the unity of Christ, who is in all, above all, and through all his sons and daughters.


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