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How Useful is a Dream Dictionary Really?

At the start of your dream journey, one of the most frustrating things is to figure out what the symbolism in your dreams means! Most often people start their dream conversation with me by saying: "I had this weird dream ?" What makes it "weird" is the strange collection of people, objects, places and events that take place in the dream.

How do you make sense of it? I guess you'd be thinking that a dream dictionary is a good place to start.

The biggest "complaint" I hear is: "I looked up "such-and-such" in a dream dictionary and it makes absolutely no sense to me!" Well, I'm not surprised.

Watch out for Dream Dictionary Bloopers!

Some dream dictionaries contain some real whoppers. Here's a selection from some dubious sources I saw recently [don't laugh ? these are real examples!]:

Burglar - If you catch a burglar in your dream you're about to inherit some money.

Funeral - signifies news of an engagement or wedding.

Marshmallow - means you will meet a new friend of the opposite sex. Razor - is a warning to control your temper.

Well, you get the "picture"! These "interpretations" are obviously just ridiculous. And you can easily see that for yourself ? intuitively you know that these meanings should not be taken seriously.

So do you even need a dream dictionary?

Well the answer is "yes" and "no" and "depends".

"Yes" - use a dream dictionary when you're really stuck with a symbol and you need some inspiration to find the right meaning. Just make sure you're using a reputable resource and use your "BS" detector!

"No" - avoid using one when you can immediately relate the symbol in your dream to something in your waking life and your "gut" is giving you a positive reaction to the interpretation you've intuited.

"Depends" on the reliability of the source of the information. Don't take any meaning at face value. Test them out first. You will be able to validate your dream messages in your life. You'll also automatically collect your own personal dream symbol dictionary if you're actively journaling and interpreting your dreams. You'll be able to tell when certain symbols are valid for you or not.

How to use Dream Symbols

I've collected over 1000 dream symbols in my 10-year dream quest and have validated them all for myself. Most of them are universal in nature and I've noticed time and again how the same meanings appear for the same symbols in reputable research works ? from dream therapists to psycho analysts, psychics, mystics, shamans and other metaphysicians.

For example:

Water - signifies your emotional self, your intuition and sub-conscious

Fire - signifies spiritual and psychic energy; purification; passion and creativity

Earth - signifies your physical self; reality and practicality; groundedness

Air - signifies your intellectual self; your thoughts and plans

Taking this a step further, certain "transport vehicles" relating to Water [emotion], Earth [physical] and Air [thought] signify how you are coping with these aspects in your life.

For example, if you're in a boat in your dream this represents how you're coping emotionally: are you gliding smoothly through the water indicating that your emotions are smooth and calm or are you being tossed on the waves of a stormy sea indicating abnormal emotional turmoil that is negatively affecting your life? You see what I mean?

Your dreams aren't trying to trick you! All you have to do is learn to understand the language of your dreams and to translate the imagery you see with your "dream eyes" into useful information you can use in your waking life.

Diane de Villiers is author of the Dream Journey Guide - a step-by-step, teach-yourself dream interpretation e-course. You can learn to make sense of your dreams yourself in minutes with the Dream Journey Guide. For more information and a FREE Preview copy of the guide go to: http://www.secrets-of-dream-interpretation.com


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