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Secrets of Effortless Action

Action dakini gets everything done. When wanting and grasping hold sway The dakini has you in her power. Wanting nothing from outside, taking things as they come, Know the dakini to be your own mind. The essence of mind is knowing. Know that action has no origination or cessation And the action dakini gets everything done. Those who do not understand these points Can practice for eons and know nothing. So, the heart of the matter is To know that the dakini is your own mind.

The action that has no origination or cessation reflects a quality of mind that remains in a supreme confidence that whatever needs to be done will be done and there is no duality arising out of self concern for existence. The state of consciousness expects a particular outcome spontaneously and it's executed through the totality of consciousness. Time element of the action is absent since it's happening in the eternal now. The illusion that it's going to happen sometime in the future is eliminated. It is activated and happens here and now. There are actions on which the totality of consciousness works and it's executed like the natural spontaneous sequence in which sometimes you experience the things happening favorably without your intervention. The action which originates in the original mind has no time element and carried out spontaneously in the absence of any personal doership. That state of mind which relies on the supreme consciousness. There is supreme confidence that whatever is needed will be done; with this comes peace and reliance on a dimension which is not regular. It's power which is higher than the individual mind that brings about the spontaneous completion of the actions.

I would like to give a brief commentary on the following quotation which would make the point clear.- Not to borrow the strength of another, nor to rely on one's own strength; to cut off past and future thoughts, and not to live within the everyday mind... then the Great Way is right before your eyes.

The above quote states the confusion of an ordinary mind which is always seeking the strength at surface level assuming that its individual thoughts/ideas itself is the ground which holds on. The more it remains in this state, the more it understands the groundlessness of its existence. Drop this pretension of strength which either glorifies someone else's strength or pretend to have one's own. Cut off all the thoughts which create the illusion of strength. Instead rely on void and stop this everyday ordinary mind. Then the things will originate in the great way and will be executed effortlessly. All the coincidences will happen loosely and naturally. All the complications of the existence will reveal its mystery to you. Unless you are utterly empty and naked, divine can not take over. When the divine takes over, nothing remains undone. Then you are ready to enter in the state of supreme. It's a state where all the thoughts of anxiety, worries or its opposite like confidence are dropped seeing them just as a mental constructs without any substance, relying in trust and peace. This is the yoga of action in which a person has no doubt whatsoever over the fruits or results of action because he has relinquished all such needs. He believes that action would be done with supreme accuracy and he doesn't interfere in the supreme law and abide in the prefect peace and confidence of his being.

Rather than living in the borrowed mental construct of the mind, one flows effortlessly like river blessing everyone.

Ordinarily we make efforts to get something. There comes a time which call for complete cessation of efforts. Efforts just happen as naturally as you breathe and love, then it's no more effort but consciousness itself flowing like a river. Things are already done but only perceived to be undone because of faulty personal perception of the mind. Cessation of ordinary mind leads to the divine which is all pervading, all knowing, all doing effortlessly.

Author: Santosh Kunte -Mumbai India. An avid reader of the spiritual knowledge, engineering graduate and executive. Loves reading meditation and sharing. You can reach me for your valuable feedback or you can reach me for your problems of finance, relationship etc. by dropping an e-mail to me on sskunte2@rediffmail.com


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