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The Mind in an Advanced Thought System:

The center of our Thought System, today, is believed to reside in our brain. The brain is thought to be synonymous with our mind. The brain consists of millions of neurons and cells. Data is stored in the cells and transmitted via the neurons to our senses. We think our Thought System works something like this: We absorb data through our senses. The brain stores the data. When our senses perceive the need to act, we access the data stored in our brain, we examine the data, we make a decision or a choice, and we act out the intentions of the decision and choices. We repeat these steps 100's and 1000's of times per day.

We take courses. We learn. We fill our brain with all kinds of information. The more information we learn, the more confident we become in our ability to deal with any issue. We take memory courses to improve the ability of our brain to recall data that helps us to process questions, and problems. We study philosophy and psychology to open our minds. We attend school to expand the ability of our minds to process more complex concepts. But still we are limited. We have an incomplete picture of the whole on which to base our decisions.

Each person is believed to have a Thought System that is their own. Individual Thought Systems take different paths. Everyone perceives things somewhat differently. Each person absorbs different data and, therefore, arrives at very different conclusions. Those differences, lead to different beliefs, different actions, and conflict.

What if this is not the way our minds work? We do know that our stored data is not complete. We do know that we never truly see a complete picture because we are not involved in all the circumstances or all the activities that make up our environment. Therefore, our perceptions are bound to be limited. And many of our decisions are based on incomplete perceptions. Part of the time we make good decisions. Part of the time we make bad decisions. And, so we move back and forth from joy to unhappiness, from contentment to frustration. What if our thought system is actually not composed in the way that is generally perceived? What if we actually have a thought system that is far more dependable? A thought system that relies not on some partial perception, but, on a wholeness of knowledge that makes decisions much more precisely and completely accurate? What if there is an Advanced Thought System?

Methodology of Advanced Thought Systems:

How can we learn to use a truly Advanced Thought System? To begin, a simple practice can be applied. Each day sit in silence whenever time permits, close your eyes, and generate thoughts in the form of questions. Ask specific simple questions. Do not try to analyze the question. Do not interfere with the content or try to suggest some meaning in your imperfect perceptions. Let the thoughts, the questions, pass from your mind smoothly and easily. Focus on the concept that you are letting these questions pass within, into your mind, into your brain out into the universe and beyond. After you have asked the questions for the day, proceed about the day in your usual fashion. But, be alert! Listen carefully! The answers to those questions will come in various forms. The form may be a book that someone recommends. The form may be a story in the newspaper. The form may be some words from a friend. The answer may be in the form of a thought you come up with after you've processed information during the day. Be alert! You will receive the answers. By now everyone has heard about people who always find a place to park their cars, even when the parking lot is crowded. The reason is they visualized a parking place before they arrived at their destination. They manifested their own parking place.

Universal Law and Physical Law:

We truly govern ourselves by our thought system. At the core of each thought system are a set of laws. In the dominant thought system of today, the laws are set by the beliefs in our minds. Because they are filled with doubt, we form committees to decide which laws should govern our behavior toward one another. We have a set of Physical Laws to govern our behavior and our lives. Not everyone always believes in each law, therefore, behavior must be adjusted, to fit the norm. When the law no longer applies, we either revise the law or add more laws. As behavior begins to modify and more of us believe in the opposite of a law, the law is deleted, changed or ignored. In general, the number of laws continue to accumulate as our perceptions continue to divide and expand. The result of all these changes is more turbulence and conflict.

At the core of an Advanced Thought System there is also a set of laws. However, these laws are not determined by our beliefs. Committees can not modify or add to the laws. They are formed as if in concrete. There is no doubt contained in these laws. They work in any situation. They are 100% dependable. They cannot be fooled. They do not depend on what we believe. They are Universal Laws. Their application, consistently, reduces conflict and increases peace and joy, individually or collectively. Their application are the means to fulfill every positive purpose that man has ever desired. What are these laws? We must discover, document, and apply these laws to create peace.

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