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During my childhood days, I disliked Lenten season because radio and TV stations were off the air (no cable yet during the 70's) and food is limited to veggies and fish. Likewise, I was taught that holy week (1) is a time to be sad (at least in Manila), the elders then are singing the passion in a sad tune. (2) I was also told to "be careful" because God is "dead" (as if all forces of hell is turned loose during those days). And (3) People should act holy. I thought, people have the rest of the year to live like the devil. I even remember asking my mother, 'why is God dying every year?'

In my young mind, I look forward to Easter Sunday because life returns to normal--

But what is Easter all about? Does it have a tangible effect in our career?

In the course of time, I understood that Easter Sunday brings more than restoring normalcy in our urban life... It is a celebration of JESUS-- He set the example on how to succeed in ones purpose and calling in life.


JESUS knew His purpose in life.

He publicly recognized His 'purpose' when He was 12 years old (in the Jewish culture, manhood begins at 12). Remember the story when he was left at the temple?

JESUS was focused on His goals.

When JESUS pursued His calling, several 'diversions' were presented-- Though JESUS is King and will be the political head of Israel in the "distant" future, this will not take place yet, His first and immediate goal is to bring salvation to mankind.

But Satan offered a different route to his goal, he offered a kingdom to Jesus immediately after Jesus completed His 40 days fast.

The people of Israel also offered a different route. After Jesus fed the multitudes, the 'crowd' inisted to make Him King and declare independence from Rome.

JESUS did not only know His purpose, but also the right path to achieve it.

JESUS overcame His fear.

If you think JESUS never felt fear, well think again. Remember His prayer in Gethsemanie? He asked the Father, if possible, that He would not go through the ordeal. In this story, we learned the prayer 'not my will but your will be done'. He was so troubled that His sweat is like drops of blood. His relationship with the Father gave Him comfort, strength and assurance.

Like JESUS, we all have purpose in this planet, that should be our focus.

Like Jesus, recognizing our goal is not sufficient, we should seek the right path so we will not fall on the diversions along the way. 'Short cuts' will rob us of our destiny. The right path may be longer but it prepares our character, knowledge and skills for our destiny.

The 'fear' factor can also slow us down, but we should be like Jesus, his relationship with God the Father strengthened Him.

By the Example He set, let us be inspired to complete ours.


EASTER, or the resurrection of JESUS is the solution to many of men's woes-- economic, social and personal.

People and governments tried to remove poverty as they believe it is the root of crimes-- prostitution, theft, etc. But inspite of the scientific and legal approaches, after so many years, the problem remains.

The problem lies not only in the environment but most specially in the 'heart' of man. It started way back to the (first) deviation of Adam to the guidelines set by his Creator. The fall of man resulted to:

(1) Poverty-- they were driven out of the Garden, a place of abundance, peace and the place where they meet God face to face.

(2) Man has to work harder to live-- thorns and thistles began to grow in the ground. Man has to work 'harder' to get the results. The single act of disobedience changed the working conditions.

(3) Difficulty in raising a family-- Sibling rivalry entered , i.e. Cain murdered Abel

(4) Health problems. Sin brings stress, stress brings sickness and sickness brings death.

Everything good became corrupted, thus, the present problem in our society.

But because of Easter, there is hope of change. The resurrection of Jesus signifies new beginning-- regardless of the mistakes and the hardships of the past. Those who believe on the resurrection story possesses the hope that brings about change in the heart of man. A changed heart affects the paradigm of the person-- his mindset about relationships and life changes. His motives change, his work attitude changes too. It gives the person the ability to pursue his purpose and calling in the family & home, workplace and society.

Is Easter a religious celebration that is irrelevant to your career?

1. Know your purpose in life, your calling, your desire, your goal.

2. Determine the right path, short cuts maybe available but these are diversions that will steal God's best for you.

3. Stay focus in your goals.

4. Don't be afraid, get strength and comfort from the Force, the Creator, our Father.

5. Follow the example set by Jesus.

Sonnie E. Santos
HR Manager & Trainer
MyBlog: http://skopun.blogspot.com/


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