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Spiritual Inspiration Music and The New Age

Spiritual Inspiration Music is about Love, Growth, Spiritual and Personal Development and our relationship to the Divine. It's about opening up, being your Self, expressing that Self by allowing the Great Creator to move through you.

The songs come from the Great Beyond where Spiritual Inspiration Music dwells, from where God teaches us how to express ourselves through our creativity in order to bring more Truth and Beauty to the World.

Spiritual Inspiration Music and Psychological Development go hand in hand. They rely on each other to teach us new things about ourselves. They involve us through the vibrations we feel at a cellular level. These vibrations open us up to ourselves, and let us feel ourselves at a deeper level. They help us identify what is ours to bear and to express.

Growth is all there is you see, and Spiritual Inspiration Music allows you to grow to your fullest potential. Nothing excites us more than music, and music is a symbol to the Soul. A symbol of Love and Gratitude, of Expansion and Growth, of Daring and Persuasion. It presents the opportunity of advancing ourselves through our causes and delights.

When we speak of Bliss, we speak of music's power to open us up. When we seek out such music, we do so to align ourselves with those higher vibrations. These then turn us around to allow us to view ourselves from a whole different angle. This view can be awesome, stupendous, outrageous even. For in this viewing do we see ourselves soar, beyond limits imposed by others and our society.

We see ourselves "In Flight," conquering the greatest mountains, astounding our predecessors who were so scared to open themselves up. That's what this New Age is about - Opening Ourselves up to the Great Beyond, to "All-That-Is," to the One Who Animates All Life, including Ours of course.

And that's what Spiritual Inspiration Music does - it helps us to Open Up! Why? So we can Grow of course. What else is there to do here on this splendid planet?

Maurice Turmel holds a PHD in Counseling Psychology and was a practicing therapist for nearly 25 years. Dr. Turmel likes to use Parable Stories, Poetry and Songwriting to illustrate important points regarding Personal and Spiritual Growth. He has authored The Parables series of books and a Spiritual Sci-Fi novel "The Voice." He is also a performing songwriter with 4 CD compilations of Rockin Blues Inspirational music to his credit. He can be reached through his Website at: http://www.mauriceturmel.com


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