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The Power of Angels - An Interview With Rose Ann Schwab - Part 1

Rose Ann Schwab is an internationally and world renowned professional clairvoyant psychic medium. Her gifts are finely tuned and have high credibility with 95% accuracy.

Rose comes from a very old and long line of six generations of women psychics. At the age of six, after a near death experience of drowning, she began to communicate and channel angels. Today, she works both behind the scenes and in the front lines to make a difference.

With Rose's unique gifts, abilities, and expertise, she is unparalleled by any other psychic or consultant. She lectures, uses her expertise in workshops, and has done private consultations to assist millions of people. She is a licensed, registered and certified professional consultant among many other areas of expertise.

You can learn more about Rose Ann Schwab and her unique abilities at her website: http://www.angelicinspirations.com/

ANGELS FIRST STOP: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. At the age of six, you had a near death experience, and this was when you first began to communicate with angels. Could you tell us about that experience and the impact it's had on your life?

ROSE ANN SCHWAB: Before the age of 6 I began to know I was different but I didn't understand until the near death drowning accident with my sister Bernadette.

Our mother would tell us we were gifted but we didn't understand what that meant. My life has been so affected by God and the assistance of His Angels in that when obstacles, problems, health problems or such are put in my way, and the door is closed, a window is open with the spiritual guidance and direction to assist me at what ever stage of my spiritual advancement or level, whether is an up level or one that has gone to a lower level because of a choice I made in my free will.

The assistance I receive is always there when I ask for it. When I do go down to a lower level because of a free will choice, I am always helped back up at a fast pace to a higher level when I stumble and fall, but I must ask for help and Divine/Universal assistance to lift me back up, trusting in this power.

With my gifts and abilities, I learned to live with them. In the beginning when I was a child, I would tell people of my special gifts, abilities and assistance from God and His Angels, but no one would believe me. This information was looked down upon as being bad, so I continued using my gifts and abilities, but kept them quiet.

As I grew up, I learned to use them secretly to assist others; at times I would have to openly display the information, because there was no other way. It was hard because people then would look at you different and not treat you the same way. They would treat you like you had a disease instead of a gift from God.

I sometimes would run into those who would believe me and in my gifts, but they would only try to use me and these abilities to further themselves or their careers. My lessons came in meeting some of these people and determining who was true and sincere and those who were trying to use me for their own gains, and then discard me either when I found out or when they got what they wanted.

I had several lesson here on whom I could trust and learned to follow my instincts, and visions I would have. If I met someone I would ask for God's assistance in determining their worth of me helping them with my gifts. God always has answered in visions, sudden knowledge, or dream visions. Then I would know the truth and either have contact with them or not have any further contact with them. You would be surprised at the lengths that some people will go to use my gifts and abilities to further themselves or claim them as theirs.

I have learned to deal with these people as well as separating myself from others so that I can keep a clear and free energy flow, to assist the many who come to me. I am very sensitive both in touch, visions, clairvoyance, and clairaudience and so on, picking up everything. When I am picking up too much, or negativity it can block my gifts, so I have learn to separate myself from others, set energy boundaries so that those who try to send me harm or negativity to block or hurt me can not do so. God always gives us the power to block the harm that is being sent to us, but it is up to us to use it to protect ourselves.

I have also found that if someone is good, then they become involved with living in the gray areas or accepting others that are doing wrong or breaking laws, that we can be influenced in accepting these types of roles, behavior and accepting it as being right when if fact it is wrong. Many people do not believe in these gifts or abilities that we all have and many do not have developed, but will be kind to your face and unkind behind your back. They do not realize that all of us have the gift of picking this up or seeing this, but some of us are more sensitively intuned because we work at expanding our gifts to continue in the assistance and service of all mankind. These are special gifts we all have, and how we develop and use them determines our way of life and the spiritual levels that we've become attuned to, for advancement of ourselves and in helping others advance.

ANGELS FIRST STOP: You actually channel four different angels, a unique ability. Could you tell us a little about each angel?

ROSE ANN SCHWAB: Michael - East, represents Fire; Color Red; Astrological signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius Battles evil, negativity & helps people to open up to new ways, clearing blockages and bringing courage & strength for spiritual experiences. Archangel of Protection & Balance.

Raphael - West, represents Air; Color Blue or Blue & Gold; Astrological signs of Gemini, Libra & Aquarius; Healing Angel & recognition of surrounding beauty.

Gabriel - North, represents Water; Colors- Emerald & Sea Green; Astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces; Announces God's plans of enlightenment, your path of enlightenment, and purpose to help complete your mission.

Uriel (Auriel)- South, represents Earth; Color -White & all Earth Tones; Astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, & Capricorn. Angel of Prophecy. He helps keep you centered or re-centers you if you get off track. Helps to complete your goals & life's mission. Angel most closely associated with our purpose and goals.

ANGELS FIRST STOP: Do they ever work together in helping the people who come to you? How does this work?

ROSE ANN SCHWAB: All Angels, Spirits, Spirit Guides, Light Beings and Higher Sources work together in each situation. This is the same for everyone, all we need to do is ask. Also thank them in advance and again afterwards, never taking anything for granted.

Learn more about Rose Ann Schwab and her unique abilities at her website: http://www.angelicinspirations.com/

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