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God !

"My son will be brought up in a place where he will not even hear about the word "God" !

This man was totally against the concept of God. He was very staunch in his belief that there is no God and all people who believe that God exists are fools.

He was a learned scholar and he decided to take his wife and son to a secluded place... deep inside a forest.

He built a beautiful house inside the forest, in a place where nature was in its extreme beauty.

The boy grew up under his father's guidance, learned all the skills which one has to learn and became a scholar himself. But the word "God" and the concept was never ever taught to him.

"Your lessons are over, my son!" the father said to the boy who was a grown-up now.

Next day, not being able to find his son inside the house, he went out calling him by his name...

The son was there watching nature...

"What are you doing here son?"

"Father, I am enjoying the beautiful nature... the open sky, the sun, the trees, the lives... everything in this universe... and did you not teach me that I should thank anyone who showers us with wonderful gifts?"


"I am thanking the Supreme Being who has created this lively Universe, father".

"You and I have a name..what can we name this Supreme Being?"

The father whispered "God!"

We human beings are used to this concept of giving a form and naming everything that we come across in our life.

Is this how God got his/her name too?

HPriya Sivan


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