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Power of God Makes Life Easier

When the storms in your life are raging, just believe, "the power of God makes life easier." Additionally, the real key to dealing with problems that challenge us daily while seeking peace, is found in the wisdom of God's Word. He plays a vital role in every aspect of our character, and life's journey requires help that only God can provide.

Today, people are exposed to various negative influences, and the ability to remain positive and confident is critical. One solution is to use your faith and make God first in your life. The windows of Heaven will open up, and He'll pour you out blessings you won't have room enough to receive. Faith in God allows Him to solve problems. Sometimes, there is no way to explain an event, except it was God's grace that worked out a problem. However, grace is essential when you need Him to work on your behalf. Humble yourself by doing things God's way. Life is about sowing a seed and reaping the harvest! You will experience prosperity along all lines, while God reveals your hidden talents and sets you on the road to spiritual growth.

Perhaps you may have a "Red Sea" in your life right now, and your spirit needs uplifting. I challenge you to try Jesus. He is a problem solver. If you feel you are living in a fiery furnace, go into your closet where you pray and ask God to deliver you. Just believe He is able even if you have to steal away in the midnight hour and pray. God will have the last word if you let His word have the main authority.

Please know and believe that your roadmap to spiritual prosperity will be accomplished if you continue to lean on Jesus and seek more grace. You must go on inspite of circumstances and view every battle as an opportunity for victory.

About The Author

"The Electrifying" Missionary Georgia Jackson is the Host of "God's Electrifying Prosperity Time Hour of Power," a christian radio broadcast heard every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. on WMKM radio, 1440 on your a.m. dial in Detroit, Michigan.



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