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The Divine Holographic Energy Field

What is the true nature of any illness? Research in Energy Medicine is showing more and more that it is the result of a disruption in the Human Bio-field. This is the energy and information field that informs and orchestrates the functioning of one's Being at every level i.e. thinking, emotional, physical, spiritual etc.

Now when one invokes the concept of "disruption" one might ask, disrupted from what? I would say that the Human Bio-field is disrupted from being in its natural configuration. This Human Bio-Field configuration I have termed the Divine Holographic Energy Field (DHEF) or the state of being one's Divine Self. What is the DHEF? Well, very simply, it is the energy field configuration that has embedded in it information about you in your optimal state of being. Another way of saying this is that when your bio-field is being "informed" by, and only by, the DHEF you are in you optimal state of health, vitality and spiritual enlightenment.

Most of us have no intellectual concept of what this even means because we as human beings are in a constant state of deterioration. That is our bodies are susceptible to the effects of aging (which is another way of saying we're deteriorating) throughout our lives. Almost everything that we encounter causes us some form of physical, emotional or spiritual stress. Stress, by my definition, occurs when the influence of the DHEF becomes disrupted by some foreign or negative energy that has nothing to do with the morphological plan of the DHEF or with us for that matter. Without such disruption the DHEF would spontaneously keep you in your optimal state.

This can be inferred from research that shows that when a disruption in the Human Bio-field is "repaired" healing occurs spontaneously. In order to understand what is going on here I will digress momentarily to fill in the details.

Working with an Energy Modality I call the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP), I have been able to consistently help individuals release negative beliefs from what is termed the "Thought Sub-Field" of the Human Bio-Field. Because our bio-field has been conceptualized as consisting of many inter-related "sub-fields" i.e. thought, emotional, physical, spiritual etc., working at any one level affects all the others through a cascading effect.

This is because information in one sub-field "maps" itself into all other sub-fields and eventually manifests itself into those sub-fields in forms congruent with those sub-fields. For instance a thought in the thought sub-field will map itself in the emotional sub-field and cause there to be a corresponding emotion to that thought in the emotional sub-field. A simple example is something like the thought "I'm not worthy". This thought maps itself into the emotional sub-field and is "felt" as feelings of unworthiness. It is also hypothesized that this thought also manifests in the physical sub-field as some form of "physical" illness.

Conversely, according to this hypothesis, it would follow that by addressing and releasing the negative thoughts in the thought sub-field this should be reflected in the other sub-fields as spontaneous healing of "illnesses" in the emotional and physical sub-fields. Research using MRP is currently being conducted to verify this hypothesis and appears to be showing some preliminary evidence to corroborate this view. If this hypothesis can be proven to be correct it will usher in a new understanding of how physical illnesses can be healed by accessing their counterparts in the thought sub-fields.

Now again I want to stress the spontaneous nature of healing as it occurs. In other words, when the negativity is released there is nothing else that the "healer" has to do. The DHEF takes over automatically and does the actual work of reorganizing the Human Bio-field at all levels. This implies, as stated earlier, that within the DHEF there is "all" of the information that is necessary for re-organization and healing to occur. What we are saying is that the DHEF embodies the healing information and the healing force.

The DHEF is then, by our definition, the field of energy that has embedded in it all the information about you as a healthy, youthful and spiritually enlightened being. How many of us actually experience the full magnitude of this energy. Well, few of us because most of us carry some form of negativity in our bio-field. This negativity is largely accumulated from one's life experience that is present in the form of memories stored at the Thought Field level of the Human Bio-Field. MRP is showing consistently that such negativity is not only disruptive to our emotional and physical health but that it deprives us of our right to our Divine Selves.

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Researcher, Speaker, Developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM), and Author of e-book: "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" which is available for download on his web site at: http://www.telecoaching4u.com/ebook.htm Dr. Arrizza holds ongoing International Telephone Healing and Teleconference Sessions on topics relating to Healing and Spirituality.


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