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A Short Journey to Your Divine Self

By invoking an external God to whom we look for help we often lose sight of the fact that we have within us the very power that we seek in such an external force. Now of course I don't just expect you to believe this in the way that religions of the world expect you to believe the converse. Instead I hope to convey here a short but simple exercise that you can do at your leisure to find this very power within yourself. This power emerges from what I call the Divine Self. What is this Self? Well, it's You! Yes, You!

Sadly, many of us have become so alienated from the awareness of our "Divine Selves" that even suggesting that we are Divine Beings may make some people feel angry, defensive or perhaps cringe in fear. How has this happened? Well, largely as a result of the many beliefs that have accumulated in the consciousness of humanity over the centuries of our history. Beliefs that try to suggest who or what we Human Beings actually are. For instance, if you look around on this planet I think you will most likely agree that Human Beings have managed to acquire a rather unsavory reputation amongst other species and within their own species.

Most would likely agree that the human species has been destructive both to the planet and to itself. As a result we have come to believe that we are anything but divine, rather a species that is in need of divine redemption for all the ills we have caused. Hence to even suggest that we are divine will take a great deal of courage. So if you have the desire and the courage to undertake such a journey please read on.

In the exercise that follows you may begin to feel something within you that on the one hand will surprize you and yet on the other hand will remind you of who you have always been. So here we go.

Step One:

Think of something that you appreciate about yourself i.e. some quality or characteristic. Then spend some time quietly appreciating yourself for this. Notice where you feel the feelings of appreciation originating most intensely from within your body. Most individuals feel this in their mid-chest or over their heart region.

Now because "You" were the Being doing the appreciating, the feelings of appreciation must, by definition, have been coming from "you". In other words, the location of the origin of the feelings of appreciation within your body is where "you" feel your "Self" most intensely. Another way of saying this is: "This is where You are in your body".

Step Two:

Place your right hand over where you felt your "Self" to be i.e. where you felt the feelings of appreciation most intensely and keep it there through out the rest of the exercise.

In what follows I will ask you to make a number of declarations and then to notice what you feel in the area immediately beneath where you have your right hand. It is not necessary that you believe these declarations. The declarations are also "not" meant to be affirmations that are supposed to convince you of their truthfulness.

What we are looking for is only one thing: your "Self's" feeling reaction to each delaration as you say each one in turn. Hence all I want you to do is notice the feelings emerging from the Self following each declaration.

Because each declaration will be coming from "you", imagine that you are making each declaration from the place where you felt your "Self" to be i.e. the place where you are holding your right hand. After each declaration take a minute or two to sense or feel the reaction of your "Self" to the statement before going on to the next declaration

Step Three:

Declaration No. 1

"All the negative beliefs that live in my conscious and unconscious mind are not who I am and they never have been."

Declaration No. 2.

"All the negative memories that I call a part of my life are not and have never been a true manifestation of who I truly am"

Declaration No. 3.

"From the core of my "Self" I am and have always been a Being of Love and Light"

Declaration No. 4.

"It is my "Self's" desire to express itself fully and completely in every area of my existence"

Declaration No. 5.

"My Human Self is Divine and has always been so, despite what has been said about Human Beings in the past or in the present"

Declaration No. 6.

"I am a Divine Being, I have always been and will always be one"

Step Four:

Now quietly notice how you feel throughout your entire being. If you were able to stay focused on the feelings emerging from the area of your Self you probably noticed some or all of the following: a feeling of joy, inner peace, a sense of relief, a feeling of lightness, feelings of contentment, feelings of expansiveness, feeling more energized and other similar positive feelings.

Sometimes there is a tendency to try to "think" about what is being declared. This has the tendency to bring the intellect into the picture and this can impede one from feeling the feelings themselves. If this was a problem for you try the exercise again and try not to focus on the meaning of the words themselves, rather just on saying them and then noticing the feeling response of the Self. This approach, I'm sure, will yield more reliable results for you.

I hope that through this simple exercise you have begun to reconnect to that which is your Divine Right, your Divine Self.

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Researcher, Speaker, Developer of the Powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM), and Author of the new e-book: "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" which is available for download on his Web Site at: http://www.telecoaching4u.com/ebook.htm. Dr. Arrizza holds ongoing International Telecoaching and Teleconference Sessions on Healing and Spirituality.


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