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How do You Know If You Have Psychic Ability?

I am sure many of you reading this article have pondered on this subject. Are some people simply born with a special gift or is this an acquired skill all of us can learn.

Let me tell you my story.

I was raised in a Christian household and had an aptitude for all things mechanical, so much so I became a technician and computer expert. Hardly an ideal back ground for a Clairvoyant! I hated art so much I ended up in detention every week for not completing my art homework, because I hated it and saw myself as the worst artist every to walk planet earth!

By 1989 I had changed my views somewhat. After several intense Personal Development Workshops, a divorce, and Career change, I met a girl who read Tarot Cards. Yes, folks, I married the devil. She is delightful and very caring about al sorts of things. With my technical skills and her intuition and thirst for research we formulated a comprehensive Tarot Certificate Course and in 10 weeks I was a certified Tarot reader! Well, I knew the mechanics, but what about the real world. Pretty soon I was telling people about failed relationships, affairs, illnesses and all manner of things. I had no idea what I was doing. I just looked at the cards and thoughts came into my head. Sometimes I spoke a load of garbage.. but then again.

I remember talking to a couple of women about the affair one of them had with the next door neighbor. I described it perfectly and they told me nothing! Amazing what you can see in a card or two. I predicted (correctly) changes of employment, relationship situations, what was happening with the grand kids. I think I was more amazed than they were!

Next thing I knew we were doing party bookings and then came the Psychic fairs. On my first full day I did 8 readings, and the Death card came out twice. I went with it. I felt one would survive a heart attack and the other had HIV. Both were right!! That was real scary. Pretty soon I was reading full time. My record was 22 readings in one day and I often did 16-19. At first it drained me, but with practice I detached myself from the clients, read more accurately, and felt great at the end of the day.

The full certificate was too long, so I applied my technical skills and accelerated learning techniques to reduce the course to one day. We were amazed as our students did great readings in no time.

One of my best stories was in Wagga Wagga. I red for a young man and then a pretty blond girl. At the end of the reading she told me she had seen me before. I told her she would meet a man in six months and described him in detail. She had thought I was nuts. Six months to the day she met her soul mate and he was the one I had just red for! Coincidence - I don't think so!!

My point is, it doesn't matter who you are, or what your background, you can learn anything. It just takes confidence, letting go of the idea you can't and practice. So have a go, get the cards out and do a few readings. You might just have as much fun as I do!

John Gaydon worked as a full time clairvoyant using Tarot, Palmistry, Crystal Ball, Mediumship, Psychometry and other modalities. He has lectured thorughout Austraia and New Zealand on the subject and with wife, LInda offers a variety of courses to assist others to develop their Psychic ability.

http://www.learnthetarot.com hosts their one day accelerated course to get you started.


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