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I Can Do All Things Through Christ Jesus Who Gives Me Strength

"...I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4: 11b - 13, NIV.

From the time I can remember, I have loved and had an affiinty with critters. When asked as a young girl what I was going to be when I grew up, I would always say a veterinarian. However, that did not happen. My life took a downward spiral that led me away from God's purpose for my life into a world of sin which greatly detracted from my goals. While my love for animals never abated nor changed, my direction did.

I truly misspent my time and yet I can look back now and see that everything I've done has still led to God's purpose for my life in the manner He gifted me with. I maybe didn't become a veterinarian, I did work with them for years. In fact, I learned a lot of different vocations in working with animals which has all led to me being in the holistic pet care industry.

Again, what has that to do with being able to do all things through Christ Jesus? Well, He gave me this passion. He gave me this desire. He gives us these goals and dreams to serve Him with. He also gives us the strength and endurance to fulfill those desires. Isn't that amazing? We think it's all on our own power at times and energy, when in reality it is all from Him for His glory!

This last week was very trying in many ways including the loss of Pope John Paul II. While I am not a Catholic (was when I was growing up), I feel the world has lost a true child of God while God has gained another son into His kingdom. I haven't been sad for that very reason and in fact have been encouraged by the Pope's life but it is the end of an era leaving a bit of uncertainty. Again though, God is in controll

The week was trying because while two partners and I pursue a new online venture in holistic pet care seminars, a veterinarian who was initially involved decided to bail out. He did so because partly he couldn't figure out some of the technical stuff. I can totally understand that though. What I don't understand, however, is the way he left -with a stabbing attack upon me, my partners, the internet community we are using as our platform, the support team, even the fact that I'm not as educated as he. In fact he even attacked our website and the fact that we didn't glorify him as the week's featured instructor. He went so far as to attack our dream and that he hopes I find a particular little venture I can actually do.

While I've tried various ventures to go forth with this particular veterinarian, nothing seemed to work out. It all felt forced. Rather than continue to stress out and wonder why no one was even signing up for his class, I prayed. That's what I should've done in the first place. Why is it, it's always our last resort instead of our first? Our strength and power come from God alone and yet we try to go upon our own strength so often.

It was amazing how much of the weight of this troubling situation lifted once I prayed and received clarity from God on this whole thing. While I didn't yet know that this doctor would attack me (and when he did, it did hurt a lot), I did know instantly that it wasn't going to work with him on our team.

Once I received the very hurtful and veiled ugliness of that particular email, and I did cry (a lot), I began to pray and ask God for His direction and strength. Funny thing is, an encouraging story I posted on the IVWCC RSS channel came to mind "Tiny Frogs". I laughed out loud knowing God was telling me to go forth, and to grow some more character!

I'll backtrack a bit here and say that in a nutshell the Tiny Frogs story is about a bunch of tiny little frogs who were going to have a race to the top of a big building. It was a daunting task for these little frogs but they all knew they could do it. There was a huge crowd at the bottom of the building initially cheering them on as they went forth to conquer this building. However, after a while many of the frogs got very tired, and then the crowd started to turn, telling them things like "You'll never make it! Turn back! You're gonna fall!" and on and on. Eventually one by one all the frogs dropped out except one little frog who never wavered but kept his eye on the goal and he made it all the way to the top. When he was later interviewed he was asked why he was able to make it but not the others. He went "what? can't hear you". He was deaf! He couldn't hear the naysayers so he just kept on going!!

Moral of the story is, when it is God's will for us to accomplish His purpose for our lives and His voice is the only one we listen to while on that purposeful mission, we'll accomplish that goal upon the strength and power of our Savior Jesus! By serving others, we are serving our God.

Kim Bloomer is a holistic pet care consultant. Visit her RSS channel at Aspenbloom WellPet or her website Aspenbloom Pet Care


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