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Universal Thought System

What we think is what we are. Our lives are determined by our thoughts. What we think determines what we have. What we think determines what we do. Every action begins with a thought, filtered through our beliefs, to achieve our goals. The thought, when set first in the form of a positive goal, will always be reached if Universal Laws are aligned with our beliefs and behavior. In our website we have begun to define and tabulate these laws in a way that does not require a scholars mind to decipher. Everyone should understand and easily utilize these laws.

Universal and Physical Law

Is there anyone who has not thought about the inconsistencies in their lives? How many have thought of the contradictions that plague them each day when trying to make a decision? How many flip-flop each day, each hour on what they believe? Why is it so easy to debate both sides of an issue? The partial answer to many of these questions is that our mind makes decisions on an incomplete set of data. We make decisions on what we've experienced in the past, even if the past was not so perfect. We are inundated with data that tips the scales from issue to issue.

Each day, most of us begin by reliving in our own minds some of the activities of the previous day. We set our agenda on resolving the difficult issues of the previous day. We ask for advice on ways to resolve conflicts and problems. On some days, things do work out. We have a degree of happiness. On some days, things do not work out. The day ends in frustration. We try to find peace. To be generous, our method of processing data is flawed. Our Thought System is flawed! Our Thought System is not grounded. We are limited because we limit our Thought System.

What if we could access a Thought System that contained all knowledge? What if our decisions were based on full knowledge rather than partial perceptions? Full knowledge implies a set of truths that are absolute. A set of truths that are absolute provides a foundation that is unshakeable, fully dependable, without contradiction, consistent, reliable. Decisions based on truth arise from a firm grounded foundation.

Philosophy of We*R*One Thought Systems

For a thought system to contain truth and knowledge it must consist of unity. All perceptions, all separate thoughts, all beliefs rolled up into a wholeness or oneness that is totally dependable. The philosophy of an Advanced Thought System recognizes all elements required to access truth and knowledge free of past experience. It is a philosophy that states that all truth is available to any individual, but, only in the present. The present is the only point in time that intersects with eternity. Eternity is the one place that contains all experience, that contains all energy, that is boundless in all terms including time and space. Eternity contains all truth and all knowledge. We have one entry to eternity in our daily lives. That entry is the present.

About Us

Our newsletters are our means to reach out to others who are in search of basic truth. This search began almost 30 years ago with one question: How can we balance our lives? The summary of the answer to this question was compiled in a book titled 'Creating Your Personal Journey'. The book was published in 1996. The search has continued as we adapt to a new question: What is the truth? We are guided by the thought that, 'The best way to learn anything is to teach it.

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