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Oceans of People

Oceans... There's water in 'em! :-)

It may seem a bit absurd but the ocean can easily be compared to a world full of people. They're constantly moving yet it seems like they aren't moving very far at all!

If you move to different parts of the ocean you'll find that some parts are warm and friendly. These parts encourage you to visit and stay awhile.

You know some people that are that way.

Other parts of the ocean seem cold and unfriendly. They encourage you to move on.

You know people that are that way too.

There is a force that drags water back into the ocean called gravity. :-)

There is an enemy of God and His children who is called Satan (no smiley face). He works to drag people away from Jesus (the Rock). As we're told in John 10:10 that he comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Satan comes to deceive you into sinning. Each sin brings a curse. Curses are open doors for they enemy to attack people and keep them miserable.

Jesus changed all of this when He became the last sacrifice (1Corinthians 15.45). His death on the cross breaks the curses brought on by the law for all who believe in Him.

There is freedom from the law, freedom from curses, and freedom from Satan. Jesus came to give us that freedom.

The Beach
There are the beaches where the water comes to the land. If the ocean really is various people then the land would be Christ Jesus.

Jesus provides a place to land and stay. He is powerful and has overcome Satan. When people go to the Rock they find security, peace, and joy. :-)

The Sky
Jesus is the one that lifts us up into flight with Him. We can then fly with Him forever...

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