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Are You Following Your Knows Or Your I Dont Knows?

We have all heard the phrase, "follow your nose". This means to keep your direction straight and you will find the way you are going. If following the nose on our face gives us the proper direction, then doesn't it make perfect sense to follow our "knows"? When we "know" something, that means we have assurance of the outcome.

Following our "knows" as opposed to our "I don't knows" will lead us right to the things we are searching for. God has instilled into all of us a small voice we sometimes refer to as a conscience. This voice is better known as a conviction once we are true children of God. In being saved by the grace of God, this conviction can not be ignored, it's virtually impossible. But, for a person who is still living in the world and cannot hear God's voice, something as little as a conscience can be pushed to the back and easily ignored. It is here that a conscience may lead someone astray. It is here that people are led along on the things they don't know as opposed to the things they do know, which is God's word.

As Born Again Christians our human spirits learn to rely on the Holy Spirit who comes to convict us and convince us in the way we should go. What is a conviction you ask? It is a strong leading, a belief, it is knowing there is a higher power and purpose in life. A convicition is not merely a preference, because it has nothing to do with likes or dislikes. Convictions are meant to make us aware of things to come. God will reveal His will for us through His convictions. Convictions should not be confused with condemnation. Condemnation is a feeling of guilt, a heaviness in our spirits that tell us something is wrong. This is usually the guilt of sin and not asking to be forgiven. This is a tool that Satan uses so well because he loves to remind us of our sinful nature and keep us from God's forgiving nature.

Another reason a conviction is different from a preference is that a preference can be changed to please our conscience, but a conviction will hold us to something no matter how much we might like or dislike it. A true conviction will lead us along without having to be told what to do, we will automatically know what is best and right in God's eyes. It is here that other's opinions will no longer matter. And their expectations of us won't hold any weight either. In recognizing this, expectations won't be something that we live up to anymore, we will try to live them down. We learn we don't have to be so hard on ourselves because God isn't looking for perfection, just righteousness.

Also in knowing your "knows" of conviction, consequences of right and wrong will no longer be a factor. We will already do the correct thing and as a result the consequences will be one that we don't have to be ashamed of.

In God's Word, Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes He will convict and convince the world and bring demonstration to it about righteousness and about sin, and the judgement of God. (Jn. 16:12)

There are very real judgements from God that He wants us all to know and be aware of. In His righteousness, He will judge to the end that those who are faithful will be deemed deserving of His Kingdom (2 Thes. 1:5) It is also a fair decision that God would repay those who have hurt His righteous children with distrss and affliction (2 Thes. 1:6). Jesus said the Holy Spirit would demonstrate God's judgement because those who would follow the evil one, along with Satan himself are already condemned and sentenced to death.

It's safe to say that conviction from the Holy Spirit about sin, righteousness and God's judgement will guide our "knows" in the right direction.

Ask yourself today, "Do I know the right direction or am I being led astray?"

If you're not sure or that you can hear your conscience leading you in the right direction, it's not too late to stop and ask God to lead you in the way you should go.

With a humble heart, ask God to forgive you of all your sins and admit that you are a sinner. Ask Jesus to come into your life as your Lord and Savior. Thank Him for taking your place on the cross and that you believe that He lived, died, and rose on the third day to free you from death and give you eternal life.

That's it, if you believe what you said, God will start moving mightily in your life and you will be able to hear His voice of conviction. If you're still not sure of how to get there, then the answers are in His Word called the Bible. Get into it daily and let Him speak to you.

Remember... there is power in knowlege. No God, no peace. Know God, know peace!

Vivian Gordon is inspired to write articles for those who are lost and have fallen away to bring them back to God's word.


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