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The Purpose of Life, Told by an Agnostic

Talked to an interesting person today at a coffee shop, after about 10 minutes or so told me he was an atheist. Which is interesting and lends it self as to why we were having this particular conversation about "THE MEANING OF LIFE".

Having studied the thought process of those who are atheists along with the reasoning differences between world religions, multiple or one god scenarios, Eastern and Western Philosophy it was perhaps good for him to discuss these issues with me rather than some who would prejudge him for being of different mind. So his conclusion to the meaning of life was very Darwinistic indeed; The purpose of life appears to him to be. To:

1.) Exist;
2.) Procreate; and then the final act is to;
3.) Die. In that order.

Hardly worth it so we both concluded after the conversation, that a higher purpose is needed.

Our conclusion working with his thought process seemed to work in harmony with all world religions and thoughts except maybe of anarchy that everyone should leave the planet better than when they came into it.

Now then it appears that the prejudgment of atheism in his case would have been extremely incorrect since he had appeared to be of sound mind and caring to humanity.

So then the freedom of religion or no religion as one sees fit seems to have prevailed in this case. It is said that approximately 3% of our population is atheist while 95% is Christian based. Either way. I was glad to have ended that conversation but happy to realize that I personally am still on step number one of his original meaning of life.

While he is now going to have to work on his final act. If his summation of life as he put it is in his mind correct then that is truly unfortunate indeed. But surely today's discussion will assist him in helping his fellow man to a better tomorrow. All in all he had to admit he did not know the answer so he was not a pure atheist, but rather had listed that title for perhaps shock value or perhaps as an anti-social mechanism. Whatever the case this is an interesting study on the human psyche and those who are amongst us. Surprising all you can learn at a coffee shop.

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