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Many of you come to this site because you are a Seeker. You are looking for something -- answers to a problem, a relationship, a better career, more money, and/or the return of a lover. Some of you are trying to strengthen your connection to your higher self or to God. Others just need to talk, get an outlet for you feelings or feel that someone else understands you. Many of you feel lost or abandoned by God, or feel that your faith in the future has been shaken because someone has been cruel to you. You are all looking for solutions or answers to a question of some kind. The important thing is to realize that the answer to any question you may have is actually within you.

Guidance comes and answers are revealed when you learn how to connect to your higher self, and one of the easiest ways for you to do this is to keep a journal. Below I have developed a little journal keeping program that will help you find guidance but also strengthen your faith in yourself and in your ability to handle the future.

First of all buy yourself a notebook that you really like and one with a hard enough cover that you can write sitting in bed. This journal is going to always be at your bedside because you are going to write in it every day for at least ten minutes, once in the morning and once at night. This is the book in which you are going to have your own personal conversations with God.

The first thing you need to do, when you wake up in the morning, is open this journal, and then for ten minutes, just write every thing that comes to mind. This is not a "to do" list although many of you will find yourself writing all kinds of things. I address my journal directly to God. I start each chapter with "Dear God, Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Good Fairies". Then I start writing exactly what is on mind-- example "Dear God, today I really need help with my car because it broke down and I don't know how I am going to pay for the new brakes, but please help me find the source of money for this and also, my friend Sally has not called me for a couple of days, could you please help me with this one and reveal to me what is going on and this morning I really woke up hating Frank and I hate the way I feel when I feel this jealous, can you please help me with that"... and so on and so on. Do not worry about spelling and so forth, just let it flow.

When you are doing this you are doing two things. You are first of all releasing all the resentments and anxiety that you are holding so that may be blocking you from efficiently continuing on with your day (so you are really clearing your aura and energy field so you can attract good things). You are also giving the problems up to a higher source and asking that power to provide you with a solution. When you are done doing this, then you list five things in your life that you are truly grateful for and thank God for them on paper. It does not matter if these things you are grateful for are big or small "Thank you for great sandwich I had at lunch today. Thank you for the insurance cheque. Thank you for my beautiful pet. Thank you for the smile from the bank teller yesterday."

Then you go about your day. You will be amazed at how much smoother things go and how usually; solutions to your little problems just seem to miraculously appear. By following this program I have had this happen again and again. I think it is because the writing discipline resembles the discipline of prayer and the cosmos smiles on that.

Later that night, just before you go to bed, you do the same thing. First of all you thank God, in your conversation with God for how he has helped you that day, or question him/her if certain problems still persist. I find it helps to write something like "God please take this problem away, get rid of it. I can't handle it. Either that or help me find a way to make it better or accept the situation". Then you do the same thing you did in the morning, pouring out your questions and concerns on the paper. You may also list five people who have wronged you and ask for the strength to forgive them. After that you think of another five things you are grateful for and then list TEN people you know and ask God to give them blessings or solutions to the problems that they have - "for example -- Jenny next door is really having a hard time making ends meet and taking care of those kids. Please bless her and help her meet her needs so she can do better".

This is not as much work as it seems -- and it is amazing what ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night, just writing in a journal, can do to help you balance your emotions, achieve clarity and manifest little miracles in your life. Later when you look back at your journal, you will be astounded at the number of little requests you have made that have actually been filled, and also at how some things that you used to find upsetting, are not a source of pain and sorrow anymore. You do not have to be a great writer to do this. God does not care about grammar or fancy penmanship. Just write from your heart.

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