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The Fountain of Light Exercise

An etheric body, also known as the aura, surrounds every human being. This energy field is thought to be made up of you're the emanations of your life force, what the Middle Eastern religions call Prana, the Chinese call Chi and the popular religions call the Soul. An entire New Age cottage industry has sprung up around the idea of taking electromagnetic pictures of these phenomena using Kirilian or electromagnetic photography. Psychics and Channelers take cues from the colors revealed in these photographs to diagnose and interpret physical, spiritual and emotional conditions.

The most prominent element of Etheric Body, or soul-structure as it is also known, is said to consist of the aura itself, which is said to typical extend about three feet around the physical body in all directions. This resembles a bubble of light that is typically sealed by a slightly thicker membrane that preserves the autonomy of the entity. Imagine a soap bubble filled with light and you get the idea. Some people have larger, more expansive auras, and often you can recognize these people by the way they seem to mysteriously fill their room with their presence. Others have very tall auras that seem to extend as far as six feet above their head. This elongation of the aura, towards the skies and the realms of the ascended masters, saints and the angels is a goal of many devoted Buddhists, Christians and spiritual seekers.

All of the chakras play important roles in maintaining the health of the aura, but the chakra directly involved in communication with angels is the Crown Chakra. Above the Crown Chakra, hovering about six feet above your head is thought to be the source of what is usually called the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination, the Holy Guardian Angel, or the center of Christ Consciousness. This is usually seen as a small Sun or ball of shining light that emanates rays down through the Crown Chakra. In order for this to happen the crown chakra has to be open to receive what the Buddhists call enlightenment.

One way to understand the Chakra system is to imagine that there is a string of multicolored Christmas lights connected from your base chakra up through your body to the crown of your head. Connected to that is an extension card that further plugs into this power source about six feet above you. The idea is to send light up those bulbs by plugging into your energy source. That ball of light six feet above your head is what talks to other souls on your behalf, and also to the angels. It sends messages to your chakras that in turn deal with issues of survival, sexuality, communication, your ability to give or receive love, self-expression, second sight and the ability to receive divine guidance. If you manage to plug into this higher source and light up all your chakras, you are said to have awakened your Kundalini.

The ball of light known as the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination or the center of Christ consciousness relates very strongly to the Heart Chakra, which is seen as a pinpoint of light and the 3rd Chakra. The 3rd chakra is used as a kind of bellows to energize the heart chakra each time you take a breath inside your body. Energizing the 3rd and 4th chakras, by controlling the breath is though to open the Crown Chakra so that it can receive the light and wisdom of the messages sent from the higher self to the physical body. This pathway forms a kind of circuitry that energizes and strengthens your connection to your higher self and the angels.

To open your Crown Chakra I suggest you try the following simple basic exercise:

Breathe in and as you do, imagine the white sunny ball of fierce bright light that I am going to call the Higher Self Sun hovering about six feet about your head.

Now imagine that there is another sunny ball of yellow light glowing in your upper tummy (your solar plexus.).

As you breathe out imagine the Higher Self light shooting a Star Trek-like sharp focused beam of light, straight down through the crown (the very top of your head to energize this ball of light that is in your solar plexus.

For the next ten breaths, imagine energy shooting up from your solar plexus area to the Sun above your head as you inhale, and the energy shooting back down with each exhale. Imagine your entire stomach area filled with a brilliant, honey-colored, warm golden light.

Now imagine your heart's center as a small pink pinpoint of light. Each time you breathe in, your solar plexus reaches for that energy from the Higher Self in the sky.

Now when you breathe out, the super-charged solar plexus chakra sends energy back up towards your heart center. The pinpoint of light in your heart is like a small shining star that gets brighter and larger with each breath. You are feeding the heart's center, using the solar plexus chakra as a conduit for the energy from the higher self.

With each breath that you breathe out, this pinpoint of light in your heart chakra grows brighter and brighter and larger and larger?. until it starts to resemble a little fountain.

This fountain shoots white light upwards, higher and higher, until releases a spray of light that falls from the crown (the top of your head) to your feet. Every time you breathe out, your body is showered in a spray of rainbow colored lights. Imagining a fountain of diamonds is always good.

By now, each time as you breathe, the following sequence should be taking place: you inhale and send solar plexus energy up through the crown of your head to the Higher Self Sun six feet above your head. You exhale and the Higher Self sends energy downwards to the solar plexus which sends energy to the heart's center which explodes in a fountain of light that circulates to the top of head, showers to your feet and back up again.

With each breath, you are now rinsing yourself with holy light from the Higher Self. This is an efficient way of opening your chakras and increasing your receptivity to messages from your higher self and the angels.

(Editor's Note: The Sevenfold Journey by Selene Vega and Anodea Judith is a great resource for working with your Chakras and the energies they represent.)

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