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Calling All Angels - Talking to Angels

I am a big believer in the strength of a personal prayer. However, some of you have asked for a formal guide about how to call to the Archangels. (See the archives - Your Guide To the Archangels for more information!) This guide below is for those of you who prefer to follow a structured format. This Universal Prayer To The Angels can be used to address any of the seven archangels. It is based loosely on Elizabeth Claire Prophet's prayer structure, that I have personally found to be extremely effective.

It is ok to follow the structure below and write your prayer down and read it. It is also good to read your prayer out loud if you choose to use this more formal method.

First of all clear your mind. Try to be relaxed as possible.

Light a candle that is appropriate. This is optional and I have included more about using candles as a prayer aid in the next section.

First you call all the angels?

In the name of (insert one of the following - the one that feels best to you)

The God (or Goddess) That is Within Me
The Divine Imagination
My Higher Power
The Great Being of Light
The I Am That I Am

I call to all the seven archangels and their legions of light. I ask that all Seven Rays bless me with their divine guidance.

Then you call the specific angel:

I call on the Archangel ______ (choose the appropriate Archangel) and his legions of light.

For the purposes of this exercise we are going to use the Archangel Michael.

I ask for your ____ (fill in blank).

In Michael's case you would say, "I ask for your protection."

Then you make general requests that address the overall nature of the issues that replace all negatives with positive. For example, using the Archangel Michael:

I ask the angels for protection against losing my car and my job. I ask the angels to be free of anxiety and filled with emotional security. I ask that you replace my lack of confidence with the ability to stand up for myself. I ask that all doubts about the future be replaced with faith that no matter what happens, all will be well.

At this point in the prayer you may also visualize the chakra that is associated with the Angel. Michael is related to the fourth chakra of self-expression so you may want to visualize this area as a glowing brilliant blue. If this is too much for you to handle at first, just concentrate on getting the words right.

Then you make a specific request:

I ask the angels to ____ (fill in the blank.) This is where you describe specific situations that you would like fixed. For example: I ask the angels to please resolve the problem at work and protect me from job loss. I ask the angels to please help me find the money to fix the brakes on my car so I don't have an accident.

Then explain to the angels why YOU think the fulfillment of your request would be good for all.

I ask that this be done ___ (explain why). Example: I ask that his be done because it would be bad news for everyone if I lost my job right now. I ask that my brakes be fixed as I can't get to work without the car and I do need to go to work!

Then you ask for more general qualities associated with the angel. Name anything that comes to mind that is associated with this angel and things WILL come to mind. Wish for improvements in the entire world.

I ask that ___.

Example for Michael:

I ask that all people in the world be kept safe from spiritual and physical danger. I ask that all be in receipt of divine protection. I ask that all be protected from violence, war, and all aggression. I ask that there be no more war.

Then you ask that all people in the same need that you are on the planet be granted the same wish.

I ask that my prayer be multiplied and sent out to help all of those who are in need of ___ (insert general quality here, in Michael's case it would be protection) on the planet.


I ask that my prayer be multiplied and sent out to help all of those who are in need of protection on the planet.

Then express gratitude.

I thank you for all of ________(insert appropriate qualities) you have shown me so far in my life. I am truly grateful for _______. (Name some examples where you feel you have been protected before.)

Example for Michael

I thank you for all of the protection that you have shown me so far in life. I am truly grateful for not being laid off last month when the company was in financial trouble and being protected from the gossip of the lady next door.

Then you ask that the request be fulfilled quickly:

I ask that this be done, helping all and harming none. I ask that my request be filled in this hour in full power according to the will of _____. (Insert appropriate name here - God, The I AM THAT I AM, The Divine Imagination, The Great Being of Light.)

Then say Amen, or Thank You.

You may also follow this prayer with a psalm or a favorite inspirational poem. Read it three to fifteen times.

The candle burning colors for each of the Archangels at a glance are:

Michael - blue or white (protection)
Gabriel - white, yellow or gold (guidance)
Chamuel - pink or red (love)
Uriel - gold, silver, purple or red (peace)
Raphael - green (healing)
Jophiel - yellow or gold (illumination)
Zadkiel - purple or violet (joy)

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