Spirituality Information

Life is a Continuous Prayer

Prayer doesn't just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus. Prayer actually occurs more often than we think.

Place yourself in your car. See yourself driving along. You see a green light and think, "Please don't change yet." Well, guess what, you just said a prayer.

When you hug a friend, that's a prayer. Whenever you hug your children, that's your prayer for them and they you. A sharing prayer has extra vibrations.

When you cook something to nourish yourself, friends or family, that's your prayer to them and even yourself. You're praying the dinner comes out right, praying that your husband doesn't bring up "that" same ole subject again. When you go out to eat with friends, you pray for a good time.

When you entertain, you pray people show up, and on time. You pray the food appeals to them. Towards the end of entertaining, when you're tired, you're praying the guests will leave soon. And when you say good night to them, you send them off with, "Drive safely," or "Be safe." That's a prayer too.

When you shower and the warmth of the water tingles the sensations in your skin, your body says a prayer. It's no different when you drink water to hydrate your body.

When you're helping someone in need--giving your time, energy, or money. You are giving a prayer and answering one at the same time.

When you wash the car, you are saying prayers. The first one might be, "I hope this doesn't take too long" or "It's going to be nice to drive a clean car." Even later you can hear yourself, "I hope it doesn't rain." Again, prayers.

When we walk into a meeting, you say a little prayer in hope that the meeting will not drag on. Or that your presentation will go well. Or that Sandy will not ramble on as he usually does. That's a prayer.

Yes, there are times when people, places, or things don't want to receive our prayers. Then our soul cries out to them in prayer over the loss of possibilities.

Prayer is a vibration. It feels good because the vibration meshes in with nature and the Universe. Quantum physics proves these theories.

Prayer is the voice of love that brings us internal peace, understanding, and the wisdom on how to share.

Now, doesn't your day look just a little different? Your prayer is a vibration that manifests from the inside out. It's natural and easy to do. The key is awareness. We've been doing it for so long, we've taken it for granted and thus stop noticing unless something big. Could the miracles that occur everyday in our life share the same fate?

Embrace your prayers everyday in whatever form they appear. Connect the positive, natural vibration that enthralls attraction. Be aware of its presence and natural attraction to you.

Writing is a prayer. What comes forth we seldom know until it's done. Just like this. Then we realize, we wrote a prayer. Then it becomes the writer's prayer to you.

Catherine Franz is a Marketing & Writing Coach, niches, product development, Internet marketing, nonfiction writing and training. Additional Articles: http://www.abundancecenter.com blog: http://abundance.blogs.com


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