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7 Wake-Up Calls-Avoid Self Sabotage to Discover Wealth and Prosperity with the Angels of Abundance

It's an almost unbelievable thought, but could you be getting intangible value from having less money than you'd like? Is there something holding you back from attracting all the money you deserve but you can't figure out what it is? Is there some way your deepest beliefs and secret thoughts are sabotaging your best efforts to make money? Try these wake-up calls on for size and see if any of them fit.

1. Belief--I fit in with the crowd better when I remain in my present financial state.

Do you work in a career that traditionally provides a low paying salary even though you've attained all the skills, degrees and certifications necessary for employment? Do you love your job but decry the oppressive pay scale which provides only the average amount or lower than average amount of income typically paid for that career? Has your peer group at work lulled you into thinking that's just how it is and given up fighting for more? Would you stick out like a sore thumb from your coworkers if you managed to turn the limited salary into greater abundance?

We all experience some type of perk for remaining in low paying jobs. We are happy we get to be of service to the world but believe that service can only bring in a minimal amount as determined by the client's ability to pay, the rate of donations made to the non-profit organization we work for, the number of products sold, or any number of reasons. We tell ourselves we are good people for doing this type of work, tighten our belts, and carry on.

Wake-up call-Ask yourself how you can be of service in a similar manner to the way you already are yet increase your cash flow. Can you develop products or programs that support and broaden the scope of your work? Can you provide low cost add-ons that can be sold in volume such as special reports, booklets or how-to articles? Ask yourself how your expertise can be packaged and presented so that it reaches a wider audience.

Affirmation: I am well loved and fit in regardless of the amount of money I have.

2. Belief-I am a better person for remaining where I am financially than I would be if I were wealthy.

Are you a spiritual snob? Do you think highly of yourself because you constantly give and never ask for any of the energy you release to return to you? Do you equate poverty with Godliness? Do you criticize others for making money off that which you consider to be God's work?

Everything is an energy exchange. If you deplete yourself you'll be left with nothing to give. Remember to constantly fill yourself first so there's something there within you to share with the world.

Wake-up call-Look for the places where you feel depleted. How and where are you giving of yourself but not getting in return? Why are you doing that? What could or would you accept in return for your efforts and feel good about receiving it?

Affirmation: I love myself no matter what I do or how much money I make. I easily attract and accept as much energy as I give out.

3. Belief-I avoid rejection and failure by staying where I am financially.

Why should I risk what little I do have? Do you fear that if you used your gifts and talents to develop a service or product and nobody wanted to pay you for it, you'd be a failure? If you offered to sell it to someone and they refused it, would you suffer embarrassment and rejection? If you advanced in your chosen field would those left behind dislike you?

Realize that even though you advance financially you don't really leave anybody behind. If people become jealous of your good fortune it is only because they perceive lack within themselves. They need to stop their own patterns of self sabotage.

Wake-up call-The need to be loved and accepted creeps into our financial lives. The intense jealousy of others can keep us in our places. Can you meet your need for acceptance outside of work and choose to advance? Can you rise above the pettiness of the gang mentality and make your mark? Are you willing to love yourself enough to allow yourself to excel?

Affirmation: I am safe and well loved when I advance financially.

4. Belief-I have no control over how much money I make as that's just what they pay for this position.

Do you believe that your salary is limited? Do you believe that the pay scale for your position is the final word? Have you given up your personal power and say in the matter?

Just who created that salary scale and wrote it in stone anyway? Certainly, you know that disparity in compensation exists for people doing the exact same work. The facts are simply hidden.

Wake-up call-Create your way under, over, around and through the maze of perceived limitations. Can the job you do be reclassified so that it fits into a higher pay scale? Can you figure out the structure of the flow of money at work and place yourself in the main stream of it? Can you stand in your own power and determine your own financial wealth?

Affirmation: I stand within my own power and easily attract the salary I desire.

5. Belief-If my financial state tumbles to the ground, I won't have to be responsible for my actions as somebody else will pick the pieces up.

Do you look for ways to avoid dealing with your finances? Do you feel that bankruptcy would be an easy out? Do you avoid learning anything about your money?

Repeatedly dealing with what limited amounts of money we have can become a dreaded activity for it forces us to face up to the fact that our income doesn't allow us to live the lifestyle we'd like to live. Sometimes, we even go without necessities like health insurance in an effort to make ends meet. We avoid dealing with it all together or give it only the briefest attention. It's just too painful.

Wake-up call-When you love your money and take care of it, it will love you back.

Affirmation: I experience great joy in being responsible for my financial actions.

6. Belief-If I remain financially dependent, I won't have to do any work.

Do you choose to remain in a rotten, soulless marriage or job simply because it supports you financially? Would you rather avoid your troubles and have an affair than face your own dependency? Do you secretly enjoy playing the game of appearing as the perfect spouse in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect finances?

If you exist in an unfulfilled state you're living half a life. Wouldn't you rather develop into the person you are truly meant to be even if it involves getting a job than remain dependent?

Wake-up call-If you're focus is on the fašade, you'll awaken to find that there's no real substance behind it. You're missing the chance to see what you're made of. Ask yourself what you could contribute to the world and get paid to do. Find out what it is you're good at and go do it. Go back to school; gain the education you might need to get a good job or advance in your field so you can support yourself. Sprout wings with which to fly.

Affirmation: I am financially fulfilled through the expression of my gifts and talents.

7. Belief-I'll be wealthy when lady luck smiles on me.

How often have you said something like this: When I win the lottery, I'll___. When I find a rich husband, I'll ___. When the stock market rises, I'll ___. When I come into that inheritance, I'll ___.

It's true; people do win the lottery, marry up, make money in the stock market and gain wealth when people die. These things really do happen in life and it's OK to consider them. But, when you focus on the whims of lady luck and chance to the exclusion of all else you miss the benefits you could have made had you been taking care of your financial situation all along.

Wake-up call-You might have to wait a very long time for any of these things to occur and time is your greatest ally in financial matters. Take control of your finances now and when you do win the lottery, or marry up or experience any one of a host of lucky events, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Affirmation: I do all I can to take good care of my money now so it can take good care of me later.

If you felt even a twinge of recognition while reading any of these, know that you are not alone. Many people do, but they keep it a secret. Know that you are loved and acknowledged for what you do. You are a good person and no one is blaming you for the financial situation you find yourself in. Use these wake-up calls to look at things in a new way and be encouraged to make positive changes. We're cheering for you.

Copyright 2005, Catherine M. Kasper

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