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I was in the bank's vault. The Brink's armored truck had just delivered several million dollars in small bills. Bags of money waited, stacked in a pile on the small counter. Methodically, I opened each and proofed the total it contained by counting the wads. I then took each wad, removed the wrapper and put the bills through the counting machine. When the machine finished, I hand counted it. The air was filled with the stuffy, musty smell of money. My hands were brown and oily from the invisible coat of dirt each bill carried.

I was awash with the money I handled each day in my Head Teller position. It wasn't mine, but it was fun to handle. I was always surprised to find that a million dollars in wrapped 5's, 10's, and 20's stood up on their long edge only occupied a space as large as the top of my desk.

I was there, surrounded by it, nostrils filled with the smell of it, fists full of it. Why? Because I'd put myself in the position to do so. Was it mine? No, it wasn't, but the image of all that money in cash, not checks, has remained with me throughout the years since I held that job. It is an image of huge abundance that was there for me to hold in my own two hands.

Recently, I attended a rock concert with 30,000 screaming young girls. Throughout one of the songs which was about receiving money on pay day, the huge video screens at the back of the stage showed images of copious amounts of cash pouring down from the sky. Later, green and white confetti, symbolizing money, rained down onto the crowd. It drifted up, inches thick, around the ankles of the spectators. "Money, money, money," the group sang. The girls threw the confetti into the air again and allowed it to pour over them once more.

It is an amazing image, that of money pouring down from heaven onto the guys in the group who take the same image and pour it down onto their fans, who are thus figuratively enriched by being there to receive it. The fans received because they were in that particular place at that particular time.

Days after the concert, the image stayed with me. I hadn't liked the song before connecting it with the image of huge abundance that could be mine, too. I thought of the paychecks that flow into my hands every other week. I thought of how much money a person actually accumulates in their lifetime.

I compared the money video to actually being in the vault with money piled up everywhere. At neither time was the money really mine. In fact, the concert money wasn't even real. Yet the images are powerful ones, which have stuck with me.

When we take the time to place images of vast amounts of money into our daily lives we welcome vast amounts of money in. We give ourselves a chance to become used to having it around. We focus on it so strongly that it becomes real. It is not frivolous wishing or hoping but a solid attitude of creation, a powerful focus that makes way for manifestation of the real thing.

So take the time to imagine yourself rolling in dough. Imagine your financial affairs awash with so much money that it drifts up around your ankles. Ready your heart with stillness and reverence and respect of money and welcome it in. Think kindly thoughts of it and you'll better pave its way to you.

Copyright 2005, Catherine M. Kasper

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