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Did you ever know somebody who easily accumulates wealth? If it rained money and you each put pots out to catch it, would yours be likely to hold the half inch or so that was predicted to fall and theirs overflow? How could it happen that way? The money energy falls equally on each of you just as rain would and your opportunity to stand in the flow of money is equal as well.

I wondered the same thing and, oddly enough, the Angels brought the answer to me as I flipped through a catalogue of earth friendly products. The answer is rain barrels; they used rain barrels to catch the flow of money. They didn't simply set their small pot out in the yard to catch the rain money, they figured out a way to direct the flow of the downpour so that it fell into their huge barrel.

All the water on your roof flows to the gutters. If you arranged all of the gutters so they flow to only one or two downspouts and put a barrel under each downspout, you'd catch all the rainwater that falls onto your house.

Furthermore, what if you managed to put a tent over your entire property and caught the flow that would certainly stream down in torrents from the huge span of canvas?

Rich in the energy of money is what you'd be, that's what. If that water were cash falling from the sky you'd have so much you'd have to obtain more barrels for the next time it rains. You'd probably study all the data on weather patterns to discover where it rained the most and you'd pick up, lock stock and barrel and move there.

If everybody caught on to the secret and everybody had barrels to catch the flow, would you wind up with less? Nope. The rain falls where it falls. Thunderheads don't accumulate over your neighbor's house and not yours, they're just too big.

The Angels tell us that money is just one way among many ways that the energy of God manifests. The love of Father/Mother God is everywhere and equally, freely available to all. So, how do we arrange our lives to be the barrels that catch the flow of God's energy manifesting as money? We do it by applying the body, mind and spirit aspects of our triune beings to our financial affairs.

With the part of you that is Spirit-Recognize and acknowledge the spiritual wealth you already stand in the flow of. Take a notebook and list the many and varied ways Father/Mother God has manifested in your life. Count such things that are easily taken for granted such as the air you breathe, the sounds you hear the love you receive from family, friends and pets. Count the answers you get when you pray. Count things such as that peacefully safe state of mind you slip into when you think about how very much God loves you. List the talents and gifts that God has given to you.

With the part of you that is Mind-Recognize and study the various financial opportunities as they are presented to you. Which opportunity to collect money would suit your personality? Would it be working for someone else and if so, full time or part time? Would you prefer to work for yourself, buying a franchise or starting your own business? Will you be involved in marketing a product or offering a service? Ask yourself what you're doing now to stand in the flow of money. Ask yourself what else you could do to make money. Brainstorm. Record the numerous ways you are already catching the flow and manifesting financial abundance. Do you have money in your piggy bank, in investments, in the equity of your house? List it all. Do you have a good mind, a healthy body, an education or anything you could conceivably use to make money with? List it.

With the part of you that is Body-Decide where you will place your figurative rain barrels. Look at the lists you made when you considered the spiritual and mind levels of catching wealth. Now, make a third list by discerning how you can use the gifts and talents that you have in your spirit by manifesting them through your mind and body to create a product, service or business with which to harvest money. Your gifts and talents make you individual and unique. They are your rain barrels; your wealth catchers. How can you use them in the work you already do in innovative ways to create a new business? God manifests his/her energy through your use of your gifts and talents. They figuratively, like the huge tents we spoke of earlier, cover the entire property you own. How can you create opportunities to catch wealth? What action steps that are in harmony with the use of your innate gifts and talents can you take to be of service to the world and thus, place yourself smack dab into the flow of making money?

The answers are unique to each one of us and that which suits you might not suit somebody else. Your gifts and talents are different from the next person's. Turn inward to your own spirit to find out what it is you want to use to catch the rain of abundant money and let it pour!

Affirmation: I am a wealth catcher. I easily and enjoyably use my unique gifts and talents to place myself in the flow of money energy.

Copyright 2005, Catherine M. Kasper

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