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A Mothers Journey to Spiritual Surrender

I have studied many of the great Religions, Quantum Physics, Mystical Awareness and many forms of Spirituality over the past 17 years. I consider myself a Seeker and a Lightworker. I am also the mother of two children. This is what has defined me for the past 20 or more years. It is a role that I love and a role that has brought deep meaning to my life. As a single mother, my two children are my world.

So how is it that you say goodbye to being the caretaker of your children? How do you let them go out into the world as adults to make their own decisions and work through their own problems? Sometimes our children choose a path in their life where this "adulthood" comes fast and furious and they truly are on their own and you as a parent must let go. One of my children chose this path and it has been a meaningful and deep journey for the two of us. This child joined the United States Army.

My son joined the Army three weeks prior to 9-11 under the delayed entry program. He had just turned 17 years old at the end of July. Not being from a military family and knowing NOTHING about it, I was scared for what might lie ahead for my son. I remember sitting with his recruiter on the morning of his enlistment and asking the Sgt if he thought there would be a war. I had grown up during the Vietnam era and can vividly remember thinking that if I were called to war I would go hide in a cave somewhere until it was all over. Not much of the warrior in me, but my son has felt the calling of his warrior spirit ever since he was a small child.

Somehow I made it though his boot camp and airborne school without too much trauma. But when I received the phone call on his 19th birthday that he had gotten orders to deploy to Afghanistan, I just could not summon any peace. I could not pull myself out of the fear and anguish I was feeling at the thought of this beloved child of mine going to war. As the days grew closer to his departure my fear for him grew stronger and stronger until one day with no energy left within me to fight this battle, I just surrendered all of my fear into Gods hand. I took the control of an uncontrollable situation and gave it to God and the most unbelievable peace came over me.

It was also a daily struggle to stay within this peace. To overcome this I began to start each day with a daily message to God entitled "I Surrender This?.". I would pour out my heart to God and then ask for peace to surround me. Day by day, sometimes minute by minute, it worked. My son returned safely from Afghanistan this past summer and continues his journey within the US Army.

But because he has returned do I stop surrendering? Never. I continue to hold his life, my daughters life and all those that I love in the palm of Gods hand. None of us know what each day will bring. For some it may be the death of a loved one or a diagnosis of a life threatening disease. Others may find the love of their life and the job of their dreams. No matter what it is, life works best when we Let Go and Surrender.

Why is it that we want to control our lives so much? Why can't we just turn our lives over to the Infinite Perfection that is God? The sun came up today, didn't it? If God can make the sun come up then He can also make my life magical. I can not be in charge of the how, why, when or where. I must trust and believe. I must hold positive thoughts and intentions for the outcome. I must allow and surrender.

Lisa Sullivan is the CEO and founder of Green Donkey Marketing and the spiritual tool "I Surrender This". To find out more on how to Surrender please visit http://www.isurrenderthis.com


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