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The Power of One

Yes, we are living in a world where we are constantly shown, by the media, man's inhumanity toward each other through violence, terrorism, and war. Never has there been a time that our light is more needed than now. During this powerful time in history we, as a group of conscious beings, actually can shift the awareness of the planet. The soul work we are doing has prepared us perfectly for this precise moment. Our voices, actions and intentions will inspire and heal so many. No longer can we just pray and visualize our government making conscious choices; it is essential that we combine our spiritual practices with uplifting words and positive action.

If we can do this I believe, with my whole being, that we are on the brink of something truly amazing. The vision I hold is that we are a moment away from creating a world safe for our children, their children, and all generations to follow.

Some of you might be saying, How can I as one person change what is happening in our government and our world? By becoming a spiritual activist. By being that spark to help others raise their awareness and find peace. This can occur by committing to creating peace within yourself and your family, by voting and encouraging others to vote for political leaders who value humanity, and by helping others discover their light, you set in motion the intention of positive transformation.

If one by one each of us takes personal responsibility for raising the awareness of humanity we begin to shift the global consciousness.

There is a powerful phenomenon in group behavior called reaching a critical mass. What this means is that one person begins initiating a behavior, others observe it and begin imitating the action. Then one by one others join in until enough people are behaving in the same way and the entire crowd follows, this is the critical mass.

I personally witnessed this phenomenon when my husband and I took our children to a Marlin's game. The stadium was filled with the energy of 25,000 people, each an individual brought together for the collective purpose of enjoying an afternoon of baseball. My six year old daughter Riley, who is very wise and observant, was fascinated by the crowd. As she looked around with determined eyes she leaned over and said, "Mommy, do you think I can get the whole stadium to start doing the Marlins cheer?" I told her, Go for it and see what happens.

She began very quietly chanting, Lets go Marlins, then she looked around and noticed that her father, brother and I were chanting with her. She became more confident and began cheering louder. The section behind and in front of us joined in. Within moments all 25,000 people erupted in a frenzy chanting Lets Go Marlins. My daughter beamed knowing that she ignited a spark of inspiration and passion that spread so quickly.

The light that each of us shares is just like Riley starting the stadium cheering. The healing spark our government and world so desperately needs can be ignited by each of us at any moment. Change always occurs with one little spark, just look at Martin Luther King, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Moses, Christ, and Buddha.

As in the immortal words of Mahatma Gandhi, be that change you wish to see in the world. You never know, you might just be the spark that changes our collective consciousness to peace and integrity.

May you have the courage to speak your truth, may you find peace within and may we all know peace on earth.

Debbie Milam is an occupational therapist and educator. Her work has been featured in the Miami Herald, Ladies Home Journal, PBS and WebMD. She is the author of the online program The 7 Secrets to Harmonious Relationships: Proven Strategies for Creating Peace Within Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community

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