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Acknowledging the Existence of Your Soul

Talking about your "soul" and the deeper things in life is so frequently considered as spun out or weird in modern, take-away-eating, order-it-on-the-internet life, but if you are one of these people, you'll find that letting go of socialistic trends like these will free you in a way that you simply cannot be freed in a materialists world.

The end result is inner peace that no material possession could ever come close to. No, really.

How do I acknowledge its existence?

It starts by simply observing your own nature, or the actions and reactions you exhibit to different situations. Your thoughts from day to day, loves and hates, etc.

Ask questions. Not about the happenings of creation, but internal questions. Question your nature, and in doing so you will gain a greater knowledge of self.

Your soul is the part of you that makes you unique. Remember, your body is quite common. There are over 6 billion examples on the planet at this particular point in time, and at least on a biological level, they all function in the same way.

It is your mind that separates you from those around you, and mind is manifest. Your mind is your souls mind, and your strongest link to your soul.


It's simple.

Just quiet yourself and allow thoughts to bubble to the surface. Donā??t dwell on them. Let them go and move on. Clearing your mind will open your eyes to the existence of your own soul and those of the people around you. To be conscious of your soul is to be on a higher level of consciousness.

Why would I want to acknowledge its existence?

To put it simply, the world we live in is at least as spiritual as it is physical. If you are confined within the boundaries of just one then you are missing out on at least half of what life has to offer. By simply acknowledging your soul, you're enabling yourself to become aware of the greater things in creation and life.

So many people move around from day to day only believing what they see and hear around them. Life to these people is temporary. Their meaning is to acquire as many physical possessions as possible, as this life -- consisting of but one lifetime -- has no definite meaning and hence they are forever filled with a sense of why. Why am I here? Why do I feel empty? Why do I have everything yet have nothing at the same time?

Those who make happiness and the betterment of the spirit the central goal of their life can recognise the fact that there is more to life than the physical sense of the word.

This brings a 3rd dimension to life, which is more than emotions can express. It is a bliss that surrounds you from day to day, when you realise that there is something else out there. Meaning starts to appear in what you do day-to-day.

People who are unaware of their spiritual side and focus on the attainment of possessions as their central goal hardly experience a moment of contentment, and when they are confronted with the fact that their lives seem to be meaningless they are cast into a pit of despair.

If they had been aware of their spiritual side then their minds would be more evolved to see that life is just a series of lessons, educating you in the subtle laws of creation and bringing about an understanding of your own nature. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, acknowledging the existence of your soul enables you to bring meaning to your life -- even where there are no material possessions. You soon see that you don't need material possessions to advance on a spiritual level as it is what's inside of you that does the growing, not what's on the outside.

Letting go of the material confines of society and allowing yourself to believe that there is a deeper side of life -- and that it's ok to believe that this will grant you inner peace -- will truly help you find a solid grounding of happiness and calmness that you may never before have experienced.

John Sherman is currently studying and practicing Neuromuscular therapy and metabolic typing at the Institute of Human performance. John is also an avid Martial artist, recently completing his "Uchi Deshi" (Live in student) - 2 years living, training and breathing Koyokoshin Karate. He is also one of the newest AccomplishLife resident authors. Keep an eye out for more from John on AccomplishLife - Self Help and Personal Development or contact John at john@accomplishlife.com


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