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A Meaningful Relationship That is Not Yukky

Good morning Roy, good morning Joseth

What about me, were do I fit into your life? Am I just some abstract notion of a superior being or am I a companion, always there always available, always your friend?

What do you do with someone that is important in your life? How do you include them in your day to day affairs?

That is what I want; I want to be included in your life. I want you to consider me daily. I want you to talk to me, confide in me, and ask for my help. I want you to consider that we are one and inseparable.

I am indeed all the things that you believe your best friend to be with a few exceptions. I will never judge you. I will not trespass. I will not harm you and I am reliable. I will always be there for you and I will always love you.

You will always feel my presence when I come to your consciousness. You can talk to me and I will always answer you. Not in some mumble jumble which suffers from translation and misinterpretation, but in your language the way you speak. I am that voice that you always hear but never listen to. One of you has said that "if you see the Buddha on the street, run from him for he is a false Buddha."

You will never have a better guide or counsellor than I. You can have God in your back pocket, in fact you always do, but I want you to know it. I want you to invite me into your life from free will. I will not make my awareness known without your consent.

What do you think would happen if you became aware of my presence on a daily, hourly, moment to moment basis? Are not two heads better than on? Would you not think that my power and your brains make a good partnership, an awesome team? What kind of advantage would you have if you included me in your work, play, family and social life?

Think of the possibilities. Do friends not help each other? Yes I said each other; I need you as much as you need me.

I am always there, always present, yet I do not violate your space. I do not ask that you announce me to everyone that you come in contact with but know that I am with you then and now. I simply ask acknowledge of my presence in your life.

People will automatically know after a period of time that my light added to yours will outshine theirs. They will become curious and will begin to ask questions. What will you tell them? What do you think will happen when they find out? Will you deny me, and turn away? Will you deny that which has become you?

If you are creating your own reality and someone asks you about it and you don't acknowledge it, where does the new reality go?it goes from you Roy?

If you deny me, I will never force myself upon you. If you deny the relationship where do all the advantages that you gained go? How can there be any if you do not recognize them? You can not fool yourself. Roy, you create something else, something less. You create a new life without the awareness of me in it. You loose the power, the light that has outshone all others. You begin to live again in a dualistic ideology, separated from me and my power, which was once ours and now is only mine.

To be a friend it must be declared, otherwise it will not manifest into your experience. Friendship is always reciprocal and I can not be your friend until you invite me to be.

I am not untouchable Roy, I will teach you how to touch me, how to know me, how to feel me and love me. I have been patiently waiting for you to awaken, to become aware. That is the great secret, you did not every have to look for me, find me. You were never lost you were asleep and now you are awake.

You will know me again when your life begins to turn around and you once more begin to shine brightly. The relationship is not as abstract as one might imagine. My presence is very real and can be experienced just as real as any other relationship that you can imagine. It is not a religious or holy experience expressed on Sunday or some other holy day, it is spiritual because that is what we are; you and I are the same. You do not have to look up to me because I am beside you. You do not have to kiss my feet or pay me homage; we could never be equal that way.

A friendship with me is about abundance, a full box of cornflakes that begs to be shared with others, it is the keyboard on your computer that never runs out of letters and needs to be expressed on paper. Love is abundance and freedom. Those in love have a natural urge to share it. Love always seeks to find love and plant it. The seeds of love rise up from the most unimagined places and are expressed into physical awareness. The only purpose to love is to share it, and can only be experienced when given away.

Loving relationships are as flowers; they are nurtured from seeds and allowed to bloom. They don't just come to you, but are created out of your awareness and willingness to receive them. The opportunities are all around you, you do not have to look very far. In fact you will not find them if you are busy looking for them. They will come to you in the moment that you are not looking. This is the highest expression of unconditional love, it is all around you, and you simply need to choose it. Invite it into your life and it will be yours, I have come to you many times and you have denied me, but I am still here.

When you deny me, you deny yourself, because I am who you are. Know this; I created all of you so that you can recreate me in all my splendour and magnificence.

I am your best friend ever, and it is observable when you allow me access. This friendship is up close and personal, it is liberating and unconditional. There are no expectations or demands from me. I give love without condition; there are no qualifications to become my friend and no dues to pay. You are a free spirit, you are spiritual this is your nature. You are God manifesting individually in the physical world as the entity known as Roy. You are always connected to me and the rest. I am the sum of all my parts, all the individualized pieces.

Love yourself and you will love me, it can happen no other way. There is no one that is unworthy, THERE IS NO ONE THAT IS UNWORTHY. If you want to know God and love God take a quick look in the mirror there is no one else, I am all that you see. Fall in love with the image and you will love me.

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A student of NLP, ordained minister, New Age Light Worker and Teacher. Roy has written and published five books on New Age wisdom. Roy's books are thought provoking and designed to empower you to take responsibility for your life and what you create. His books and articles are written in the simplicity and eloquence of Zen wisdom.

You may not always agree with what he has to say. You will always come away with a new perspective and your thinking will never be the same.

Roy's style is hard hitting and comes straight from the heart without all the metaphorical mumble jumble and BS.

Visit Roy at: http://www.klienwachter.com


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